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the huntress (or tress)

YO! My name is... (really? you think I am going to tell you?) Anyway, obviously, I love to fan-fic, (just look at all those unfinished stories glaring at you. whew.) but I also do quite another number of things. I love Mixed Martial Arts, (and am a first degree black belt, been doing it for four years...) I love art, falconry, irish-fiddling, archery, forensic science, and psychology. *Wonder's what else to say...* I absolutely adore rainy days and nature, but am not one to be eco-psycho. I am generally known as the person that is always bubbly, hyper, and bold, and someone you can ALWAYS go to for help. My favorite music is Irish, Country, Christian, metal, and some hip-hop. I am a devout Christian, and always, ALWAYS, guarantee that there will never be adult content or cursing in my stories. That would NOT sit well with my conscience. i don't think I could even type it, let alone publish it. Anyway, I love the military and all veterans, and am currently donating to two different charities for troops overseas. <3 my soldiers and my Jesus! Theme bible verses: Psalm 16:9-11 :D

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