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YO! WASSUP MA HOMIES!? :D *gives corny thumbs up* Sorry. XD I'm on a sugar high at the moment. I thought I might update this after my year-long absence. Sorry, guys who missed me! Life called. :( Life shall always come before fanfics...or at least until my buddy Em takes over the world--nah, she'll have to fight me for it. XD I ISH EDITOR! :D Fear my awesume skillz! And my pretty border! XDDD No, I kid. I won't bite. Much. But basically yes, I have decided to return to the AF fandom. Ooooh, delicious ships, here I come! I mainly ship ArtemisxHolly, but ButlerxMinerva isn't half bad either. I'm leaning towards HollyxFoaly too, because Holly is totally seme XD Right now, I'm more devoted towards the Death Note fandom, 'cause it's awesome, and has so many delightful ships. I adore LxLight, LightxL, BBxLight, BBxNaomi, LightxNaomi, and MelloxNear :3 Go ahead, call me a pervert. I won't mind...much. So...uh...yeah. :D It just occurred to me I haven't told you much about me! Well, aside that I'm a rude, irritating weirdo...*mumbles* Okies...I'm thirteen...I think. No, I'm sure I am...and I'm a girl, in case you haven't figured it out at this point XD Bwahaha! I love messing with your mind! And I love to draw...never mind the fact I'm not absolutely great at it...and I write a LOT of fanfiction, again, mostly in the Death Note fandom. Though I'm trying to get back to AF because it's honestly a very fascinating fandom. And because the people here are awesome. XDDD I'll probably be mostly a reviewer/reader/editor here because again, my readers at will kill me with a spork if I don't update already. Meep! So, I guess I'll see you! :)

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