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Silent Comedy

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  • Blog Wars – It’s On

    Summary: Okay, I’ve always been interested in this website… www.horsesense.gnom. I know it’s supposed to be spelt ‘gnome’, but ‘gnom’ was […]

    Written on 3rd Nov 2010, by . 14 Reviews.

  • ‘Fowl’ Recipes

    Summary: Mmm... I smell food. Do you ever wonder what our characters cook for themselves when they're feeling ravenous? Perhaps a slice of the Cake of Victory (Artemis Fowl's own)? Or maybe a slice of carrot cake, by Foaly? Or if you're feeling mean, make the Chocolate Truffle Delight, an age old recipe that's been stuffed up horribly by Opal. Mmmm... come have a taste of THIS!

    Written on 27th Oct 2010, by . 26 Reviews.

  • Watcha’ Talkin’ ‘Bout?

    Summary: Have you ever wondered what our characters mean when they say something in an indirect manner? What does Artemis mean when he uses slang? Why does Holly make frustrated noises and what do they mean? Exactly what sort of gossip does Foaly post on www.horsesense.gnom? What on Earth does aurum potestas est mean? Well, prepare to find out!

    Written on 23rd Oct 2010, by . 13 Reviews.