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Yo, the OG Short here! I've finally returned to FF, even though it's been dead for however long. My city now. Maybe. Not really because Fal is still here, but she and I have been partners in crime long enough to get along..ish. I'll post on occasion and maybe comment on things... when they're posted... everyone pls come back

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  • Artemis Fowl and the Time Twister {Part 9}

    Summary: Part 9- Haven outskirts Disclaimer:I so wish I owned Artemis Fowl, but I don’t Warning:Cussing, snogging, and a feel of […]

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  • Waning Moon

    Summary: I think it was BS who said that she wanted a "Arty becomes a little kid" fic, but if it was you (and I'm wrong; quite likely), correct me. Anyway, my attempt at it! Erm... hope you like.

    Written on 13th Apr 2011, by . 12 Reviews.

  • Once Upon a Drabble

    Summary: Come one, come all! Drabbles of death, life, love, laughs -- all short, all meticulously written, and all starring AF and Co. R, R, & R.

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  • Artemis Fowl: Book 8:The Tears of War ( Part 9)

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My Stories

  • The D’Arvit Daily

    Summary: #1,2

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  • A Different Kind of Brawl (huge update!)

    Summary: Holly and Arty are sucked into a different world, much stranger than any other...

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  • Strange…

    Summary: Okay I know its a really random story but it just popped in my head.*blushes*Please rate and comment!

    Written on 13th Mar 2010, by . 20 Reviews.