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D'arvit! Why do I keep changing this? Argh! Anyhoo...a few things about me, in list form: 1.My full username is Muirrin Umbriel Cordelia Naiad 2. I'm a 13-year-old girl from Alba, Texas 3.I've been on ff since sometime around August '09...I don't know the exact date, I just know it was after August 6th and before August 14th 4.I have an imaginary twin brother named Yuri (Yuirrin Dmitrius Zarek Forde), but no one sees him much cuz I usually have him tied up in a closet... 5.I forced my friend Made(neptuneDude, for those who haven't met her) to register, but she's virtually unknown cuz she's never on 6.I have a pweety blue sword, Brisingr, which I will use to threaten you when I feel like it. Be afraid, be very afraid. *angelic smile* (Oh, and Yuri has Zar'roc. Not as cool as Zar'roc cuz it belongs to the 'bad guy' of the story, but still pretty cool...) 7.My real name is Caralyn 8.Both of my pinkies are crooked 9.I have three kitties, Beckett, Francois, and Whiskers 10.I'm also registered on the forum and fa, but it's almost impossible to find me on fa because I registered in August, commented on a few things, deleted all my comments, and then left....don't ask why... 11.I'm getting bored...ah, I'll finish this later... See ya peeps!

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