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Moonlite Knight

Moonlite Knight is a 21 year old college girl who loves reading, writing, drawing, climbing trees, collecting 'junk', and daydreaming. Above all, she absolutely loves, loves, loves to read books full of fantasy and magic. Obviously, she has very few friends. Moonlite Knight was born in Pakistan, but currently lives in California. Her birthday is the same as Eoin Colfer's, May 14. No joke. She is overly fond of bragging about that. Status: currently slowly expiring from exposure to the vile poison known as Writer's Block.

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  • Aim: moonliteknight14
  • Twitter: moonlite_knight

My Stories

  • In Memory of Mind

    Summary: Upon taking a quick look through the disc that contained a copy Artemis’s memories, Foaly discovers something very interesting. The fairies weren’t the first to mess with the Mudboy’s mind. HP crossover

    Written on 28th May 2010, by . 15 Reviews.

  • A little Bit of Bad/Good News

    Summary: Yo. I’m actually writing an announcement that is longer than a couple of sentences. Amazing, no? Well, to those of […]

    Written on 7th May 2010, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Fired

    Summary: “Dear Mr. Artemis Fowl II,” the letter began in overly elegant dark blue shiny font. “It is with utmost regret that we inform you that your services are no longer needed by our Publisher."

    Written on 1st Apr 2010, by . 24 Reviews.

  • Grapevine Tragedy

    Summary: Artemis ventures out into the public eye for the first time since his return. And promptly regrets it. Annoying gossiping busybodies.

    Written on 27th Mar 2010, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Fairy Tale Life

    Summary: “I told you,” Foaly eyed the knife pointed at him warily. “I’m your Fairy Godmother and I would appreciate it if you lowered the knife please.”

    Written on 20th Mar 2010, by . 15 Reviews.

  • Story Time for the Young Fowls

    Summary: Angeline decides her sons need some brotherly bonding, and what better to achieve that than with story time? Of course, it would probably be more effective if any of the young Fowls wanted to bond over fairy tales in the first place.

    Written on 11th Feb 2010, by . 13 Reviews.

  • Elusive Deception

    Summary: There are some things money can’t buy, which is precisely why one must resort to stealing them. Somehow though, Artemis failed to foresee any competition or opposition. Luckily, he’s a genius. Unluckily, so are they, albeit in a differing ways. AFxDC

    Written on 7th Jan 2010, by . 5 Reviews.

  • Fortune’s Opportunities Against Liar’s Yen

    Summary: 'Don’t get sucked in.' That was a warning that Holly planned on forcing Foaly to put on his new brand of video games. Right after she beat the game.

    Written on 21st Dec 2009, by . 16 Reviews.

  • Guinea Pig

    Summary: Artemis needs someone to test his latest experiment on and discovers why Holly is not the best candidate for the job.

    Written on 15th Dec 2009, by . 13 Reviews.

  • Madness

    Summary: It started out as a small voice in the furthest corners of his mind. Not unlike a conscience, it whispered to him, tried to enchant him, to draw him in with prospects of making everything Right again. Drabble.

    Written on 26th Nov 2009, by . 10 Reviews.