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Jenny Syracus

My Stories

  • Admit it, you’re old.

    Summary: 85-year-old Artemis was sitting on a sofa, watching television. Not much had to be said, he was just sitting down […]

    Written on 3rd Apr 2009, by . 18 Reviews.

  • Dudes.

    Summary: Dudes. I seriously need help. I’m going to write a new story, and I’m deeply wondering whether I should make […]

    Written on 24th Mar 2009, by . 6 Reviews.

  • HI!!!

    Summary: Hi, I’m Jenny Syracus. I’m new to the fansite, and I look forward to writing stories here. I’m a big […]

    Written on 16th Feb 2009, by . 29 Reviews.

  • “I do.”

    Summary: Artemis looked at her. She was so beautiful, so brave, so perfect. Artemis and Holly were having a picnic underneath […]

    Written on 16th Feb 2009, by . 52 Reviews.