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I'm in 6th grade, my best friends (one of them my older sister) showed me this site. I love four things, 1# The Artemis Fowl books. 2# anything BLUE! (Well I guess this counts as more than one thing,) 3# Commenting on things! 4# yelling at Orion:D Im a texans or is it a mexican? is it new yorker or new yorkin? I don't know im some type of in. I hope im not a webkin. I say in and an to much. Don't I? Forgive me im a american. P.S I have a team of blue flying pigs that I can ues to make people Update. I call them the B.F.P I am using my best friends name as my own on here so jazz is not really my name

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    Summary: WHAT  HAPPENED TO AF FAN FICTION?? Hi remember me?…no?…oh sorry… 😀 yeah well I’m kinda back!! I’m staying at my […]

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