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Jade Malice

Hey everyone! I'm Jade Malice. I am 16 years old and writing is my passion. I'm also a performer (dance and singing) which i've been doing since age 3. Jade Malice is my fictional creation. She is used as a vampire, genius, and Black magic master. I look forward to everyone's stories and I hope you look forward to mine too!

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My Stories

  • ~Teal is the color of Teardrops~

    Summary: ‘Trouble? Artemis? I choose….ugh!’ Holly thought looking from picture to picture. Tears of frustration welled in her eyes. What is […]

    Written on 24th Sep 2007, by . 11 Reviews.

  • ~Yellow is the color of Friendship~

    Summary: A/N And the great read-a-thon starts! I’ll start you off with two color stories a song and a new chapter […]

    Written on 24th Sep 2007, by . 5 Reviews.

  • A shout out from J.M.

    Summary: Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that yes I will do more songs. also I am starting some color […]

    Written on 19th Sep 2007, by . 7 Reviews.

  • ~ Hope against hope~

    Summary: A/n sorry all but My color stories are on hold. Nothing is coming to me suggestion are much appreciated. I […]

    Written on 17th Sep 2007, by . 14 Reviews.

  • ~’Misery Business’~

    Summary: I’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top She’s got a body like an hourglass it’s […]

    Written on 16th Sep 2007, by . 19 Reviews.

  • ~’Kryptonite’~

    Summary: I took a walk around the world to Ease my troubled mind I left my body laying somewhere In the […]

    Written on 16th Sep 2007, by . 29 Reviews.

  • ~’Animal I have Become’~

    Summary: I can’t escape this hell So many times I’ve tried But I’m still caged inside Somebody get me through this […]

    Written on 7th Sep 2007, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Author’s Note

    Summary: Hello everyone. I know I said I’d try not to do this again. (Believe me I tried) but I just […]

    Written on 3rd Sep 2007, by . 18 Reviews.

  • ~’Going Under’~

    Summary: A/N sorry that this isn’t a color story everyone but as I said the blue is the color of courage […]

    Written on 30th Aug 2007, by . 8 Reviews.

  • ~Blue is the color of Courage~

    Summary: A/N Here it is ladies and Gents the next installment of the color stories! whoohoo! Alright after this I will […]

    Written on 21st Aug 2007, by . 10 Reviews.