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I am 12, I enjoy horror and romance, and I like to beat people up...

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  • Poetry

    Summary: Thanks for putting in poems!  You can put more in the comments. Artemis awoke slowly, a strange feeling coming over […]

    Written on 20th May 2011, by . 16 Reviews.

  • Galaxies

    Summary: The song is by Owl City. I’m not really sure what this is. It was inspired by AFcrazy15’s Butterfly Kisses, […]

    Written on 29th Apr 2011, by . 8 Reviews.

  • For Orion Fowl-A Poem Which I Hope Lives Up To His Standards

    Summary: The Warrior rises The Hunter sleeps Slumbering gently Slumbering deep He takes his princess He holds her close The one, […]

    Written on 22nd Apr 2011, by . 15 Reviews.

  • Honest

    Summary: His lies she hates He’ll never pass At Heaven’s gates Her heart of glass Will go right through His? Doomed […]

    Written on 21st Apr 2011, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Death

    Summary: Artemis looked at his two choices. The Grim Reaper had led him this far-into Limbo, or a sort of Limbo. There […]

    Written on 10th Apr 2011, by . 8 Reviews.

  • Unfaithful

    Summary: Holly lay in bed, feeling like she was being torn apart. Trouble’s face swam before her, hurt and shocked. Also, […]

    Written on 6th Apr 2011, by . 15 Reviews.

  • Cry

    Summary: Who says I can’t be original? Flame this! Lollipops for responders!   Recon. It used to be what I lived […]

    Written on 6th Apr 2011, by . 12 Reviews.

  • Death of a Killer

    Summary: Artemis Fowl was no more. In his place in his mind was Orion Fowl. He was romantic, true, but he […]

    Written on 28th Mar 2011, by . 10 Reviews.

  • Please Don’t Go

    Summary: I am liking songfics. If you R,R&R you get an e-lollipop: O– Let’s run away From these lies Back to yesterday Safe […]

    Written on 27th Mar 2011, by . 7 Reviews.

  • I hate Hannah Montana, but this song works

    Summary: Oh oh, there you go again talking cinematic Yeah you! You’re charming, got everybody star struck I know how you […]

    Written on 26th Mar 2011, by . 16 Reviews.