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I am 12, I enjoy horror and romance, and I like to beat people up...

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  • In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

    Summary: Maybe you remember me. I assure you, I was hot stuff when I was here. In a way, I suppose […]

    Written on 22nd Feb 2013, by . 1 Review.

  • In Between the Lines

    Summary: These are one-shots of what I like to think of as “deleted scenes” during book 2.  Lots of Holly-tormenting. 🙂 […]

    Written on 20th Jun 2012, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Unknowing Confessions

    Summary: Dedicated to The Huntress, and her story “Of One Accord But Two Minds,” which inspired this. Read, hate and respond. […]

    Written on 8th Feb 2012, by . 5 Reviews.

  • 12 Days of Valentines

    Summary: 12 semiconnected ficlets of lurv 🙂 #1 Roses and Dreams Febuary 14th. Shouldn’t I be excited? Well, I’m not. Because […]

    Written on 4th Feb 2012, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

    Summary: Can't Take My Eyes Off You--Lady Antebellum

    Written on 4th Feb 2012, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Weakness

    Summary: If you read, you get a lollipop. Chapter 2 is up, this story is now finished! I'm considering a sequel.

    Written on 16th Jan 2012, by . 16 Reviews.

  • A/H… for real?


    Written on 11th Jan 2012, by . 13 Reviews.

  • Remember Why? REDONE

    Summary: Some swearing and reference to rape. Not for under-13-year-olds.   “Why did you join the LEP?” Artemis asked. They were […]

    Written on 19th Oct 2011, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Meeting Him

    Summary: I  look up at my writing partner, then around at our desolate room. It’s square, 10×10 feet, with a circular table […]

    Written on 4th Sep 2011, by . 9 Reviews.

  • Crush

    Summary: Okay! Another suckish songfic! My first in a while! Read, hate, and respond! Also, those of you who like dirty […]

    Written on 17th Aug 2011, by . 14 Reviews.