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Man, I remember when this site was different. Simpler times. I'm Yoshi. Goodness knows what on earth you're doing looking at my profile page, unless of course I write an amazing story sometime in the future and you're looking for my secret and I don't bother to change my bio. Which is likely enough, if you take out the 'amazing' part... and the part about anyone being interested in my secret to good writing. Oh well.

  • Yim:

My Stories

  • Taipo

    Summary: A/N: I don’t own Artemis Fowl. And yes, I am aware that this is quite a cliche, but bear with […]

    Written on 19th Oct 2010, by . 8 Reviews.

  • A Tale of Revenge and Awesomeness

    Summary: This is the sequel to that newly-deceased ‘A Tale of Betrayal and Randomness,’ probably distinguishable by its title. Cast: (ARTEMIS […]

    Written on 27th May 2010, by . 31 Reviews.

  • It’s No Good

    Summary: Gonna take my time I have all the time in the world To make you mine It is written in […]

    Written on 13th May 2010, by . 12 Reviews.

  • What I Want for Christmas

    Summary: “Please?” said Beckett coaxingly, doing his best impression of puppy-dog eyes while leaning on the short maplewood table before them. […]

    Written on 15th Dec 2009, by . 22 Reviews.

  • All Hallows Eve (Challenge entry)

    Summary: Artemis smiled and squeezed Minerva’s hand. It was time to find a spot. It would have seemed odd to have […]

    Written on 30th Oct 2009, by . 14 Reviews.

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Summary: PROLOGUE I was having a very bad day. My science teacher had given me a detention earlier today for finding […]

    Written on 10th Oct 2009, by . 10 Reviews.

  • In the Past

    Summary: I look at you, So flawless, I marvel, and yet so flawed. We had such trust, you and I. So close, […]

    Written on 5th Sep 2009, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Artemis Fowl: The Last Adventure

    Summary: My written-out theory on the seventh book. First chapter is short. Sue me. 😛 Artemis sighed, pushing away his formulae […]

    Written on 5th Sep 2009, by . 27 Reviews.

  • Deja Vu: A Fowl Occurence

    Summary: Ah... Kind of hard to explain without giving the whole story away. *shrugs* And I think I made the chappies a little short... Don't hold it against me... I OWN EVERYTHING!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! *sees Eoin Colfer's lawyers glare at me* All right, all right. I only own the new characters. And the plot line. *sighs*

    Written on 20th Jul 2009, by . 72 Reviews.

  • A Tale of Betrayal and Randomness

    Summary: My most popular story, and the one I have the most fun writing. I'm amazed you're reading this, actually. Hi. Read my story, please? *innocent smile*

    Written on 27th May 2009, by . 375 Reviews.