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My Stories

  • Tulips are for Hopeless Love

    Summary: Ok, next flower story!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    Written on 5th Oct 2007, by . 4 Reviews.

  • Lillies are for Friendship

    Summary: Ok, this sounds like a spoofy poem, but really it’s the beginning of my own mini-series(Jade, I am crazy Jealous)  […]

    Written on 2nd Oct 2007, by . 8 Reviews.

  • Greensleves

    Summary: Okay, I’m probably going to use something like this in one of my stories, but this is more of a […]

    Written on 27th Sep 2007, by . 20 Reviews.

  • Green Cheese

    Summary: Ok, very random story, just for a good laugh. :D I am challenging the Fifth avocado, which appears to have been deleted, so!!! Very short, it is finished, so yeah.

    Written on 16th Sep 2007, by . 18 Reviews.

  • Creeping in My Soul

    Summary: Holly looked around her.  Everywhere it was dark, and wet…wait!  She was underwater.  Above her, the edge of a steep […]

    Written on 2nd Sep 2007, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Listen to Your Heart

    Summary: Author’s note:  I give all credit to jade, and her song series thing, and I just felt like I had […]

    Written on 31st Aug 2007, by . 13 Reviews.

  • Deserted- Chapter Twelve is written!!! OOOOOOH! Artemis slips up!!!!! :P R&R

    Summary: Holly, and Artemis trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere!!! What is the world coming to?????? LOL!!! Won't end out like you think. I won't say anything more. READ FOR YOURSELF!!!!! CHAPPY 11 IS UP, and there is a little surprise inside!!! R&R, and you shall soon know when chappy 12 is up...

    Written on 26th Aug 2007, by . 116 Reviews.