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Ok...ummm I'm a girl and I'm from planet Quack (never heard of it? that's good) My ambition is to become a legendary imperiealist like my hero Himoura Kenshin The Battosai also known as Battosai the manslayer. I'm half shinobi half shinigami and I'm heir to the Kuchiki throne. I saved Itachi's life when he died so now he's back with the akatsuki and I've aslo revived Yahiko and Negato (U CAN THANK ME LATER KONAN!!!!) Sakura, Isabella Swan, Tomoe, Orhime, Rukia and all the rest are my personal slave!!!!! BEWARE OF MY AWESOME POWERS!!!!! Muwahhahaahaa!!!!! Oh by the way I'm not always this sane/sensible. I have a tendency to go a bit whacko at times.

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