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I am 11 years old, I'm going to 6th grade, i love this site, i was hit by a car on 5/14/11, I am a rare dude AF romance lover, and i am awesome enough to be followed by some of the best people on this site. I LIVE for Green Day and Linkin Park. i would love it if AFcrazy15 read my story: Artemis Fowl and the Time Twister. I am currently writing a story similar to the Hunger Games and it will not be posted til I am done, Or will I? It's now summer (I graduated from 5th grade{I cried a lot, it was sad)so I will post at least twice on the Time Twister, and the Artemis Games. Everyone guess what, my dad said it's bad for my health to sit at my laptop starin at the screen while I do stuff on the site. I told him to shut up I'm writing and he punched me Beijing, I'm typing on some Chinese guys laptop. Jk jk, I'm not in Beijing, nor am I racist, as a matter of fact my best friend is Korean royalty (I'm not kidding, we looked up his family tree) right now I am at the 57 hour mark, jk I've only been up for 26, that's why you don't take your mom's instant coffee. I'm am really HYPER *wakes up* ugh my head hurts, I think I passed out, not really sure, by the way if your mom or dad says you need to get off, FORGET IT,THIS SITE IS TO AWESOME TO LOG OFF OF!!!!!!!!!!jk about the coffee. I am starting to fall under the spell of, but so far nothing to tempting, otherwise I would've left already, but I was seriously tempted today (The date is: 6/9/11) to cross over, I read a Percy Jackson fic called Punk Love, it rocks and you should read it, if you do say Fowlmaniac sent ya. I'll give you a summary; but first let me say this: Thaila is a daughter of Zeus. Nico is a son of Hades. They are the main characters, if you haven't read Percy Jackson you may be confused. Thaila has a plan to crash a prom. To make it seem real she gets a date; Nico. She ends up breaking her pact with her patron by kissing Nico; they go to camp and become the center of gossip. Near the end the Hunter's come for revenge (Told you it may be confusing, but read it anyway) and it ends up with Nico disappearing, and Thaila needing alone time; the end up going to the same place; Zeus's Fist. Thaila accidentally expresses her feelings for Nico. Nico kissed her and Thaila tackled him off Zeus's Fist; they end up on the ground. And you know what? they sat there and made out for three hours. I will say no more except that wasn't everything, but I don't want to spoil it.

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