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Forgotten Sunrise

It exists in the very corners of your mind. Soft, fuzzed, out of focused, but always present non the less. It's the beautiful thing you've once remember so vividly but now have forgotten. But how? How could you ever really forget the pale glow of the mystical twilight? The soft, peach and rose of the sunrise? The image lay forgotten in your mind but its beauty is forever present, soft, fuzzed and unfocused. <p> Hey you all! I'm Monnii (My pen is Forgotten Sunrise) I'm spazy, I'm sipffy...I'm alot of things really. Never emo though. I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading even more. I love to draw, and i own a website(Rainbow-Muffins! Go check it out now, NOW!) =] I'm really nice, really...Drop a line some time

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