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Hello! My real name is Dave and I'm only 8 years old. I am a real life falcon named Falcon and I am typing this with my talons. I love you. Wow. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've updated my profile? Rereading this, and I... I've been such a noob ;-; Well anywhat. My name is Falcon. Often misspelled Failcon. If you do this on purpose, I'll... I'll... I'll whine and complain and pretend to be angry. I'm a female (another all-too-common mistake right there :/ ) and I've told people my age is anywhere fron 12 to 16. Right now, I'm saying seven. Suck it. So... I like birdies :3. My budgie, Skibble, is my pride and joy. I am a huge fan of Ray Bradbury's works, and "Old Possum's book of Practical Cats". I could probably recite the entire Cats! musical if you wanted me to. Now to my mythical superpower traits! YAAAA- So, (In theory) I have a nice black leather cloak that I wear all the time, and my Perigine falcon, Glory. Or Wings of Fury. Depending on wether you're talking to my 12-year-old or 16-year-old self. I also turn into an Aplomondo falcon. Because I'm just that awesome. APLOMONDOS ROCK! -:#

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