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Hello! My real name is Dave and I'm only 8 years old. I am a real life falcon named Falcon and I am typing this with my talons. I love you. Wow. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've updated my profile? Rereading this, and I... I've been such a noob ;-; Well anywhat. My name is Falcon. Often misspelled Failcon. If you do this on purpose, I'll... I'll... I'll whine and complain and pretend to be angry. I'm a female (another all-too-common mistake right there :/ ) and I've told people my age is anywhere fron 12 to 16. Right now, I'm saying seven. Suck it. So... I like birdies :3. My budgie, Skibble, is my pride and joy. I am a huge fan of Ray Bradbury's works, and "Old Possum's book of Practical Cats". I could probably recite the entire Cats! musical if you wanted me to. Now to my mythical superpower traits! YAAAA- So, (In theory) I have a nice black leather cloak that I wear all the time, and my Perigine falcon, Glory. Or Wings of Fury. Depending on wether you're talking to my 12-year-old or 16-year-old self. I also turn into an Aplomondo falcon. Because I'm just that awesome. APLOMONDOS ROCK! -:#

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My Favorites

  • Site CLOSED, in READ-ONLY Mode Now, Sorry!

    Summary: Closed to new users and registrations, sorry! Check out the forum instead now.

    Written on 20th Nov 2016, by . 7 Reviews.

  • After

    Summary: Holly and Artemis adjust to life after their most recent saving-the-world venture. Spoliers for the Last Guardian. One-shot.

    Written on 16th Jan 2013, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Tig

    Summary: Written entirely on a whim (so it’s not my best 😕 ) a few months ago when FG crashed the […]

    Written on 26th Apr 2010, by . 16 Reviews.

  • Silence is Golden(but Duct Tape is Silver)

    Summary: Drabbles! And lots of 'um! :P What we have so far: 'Silence is Golden, but duct tape is silver.' 'You'd be suprised at how much you can learn about someone from a good ol' game of Cliff Shag Marry.' 'Would you like a side of epic with that fail?' 'A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing!' 'Always forgive your enemies. After all, nothing annoys them more.' 'That's parodoxcial, you know that correct?'

    Written on 28th Nov 2009, by . 41 Reviews.

  • The D’Arvit Daily

    Summary: #1,2

    Written on 30th Apr 2010, by . 60 Reviews.

My Stories

  • Miles and the People

    Summary: I have no idea what I'm doing but anyways I found this in my drafts. Maybe I'll continue it! (Do you miss me? I miss you.)

    Written on 3rd Nov 2016, by . 2 Reviews.

  • And Thus Ended The Fowl’s Dignity

    Summary: I don't know. I just.... I dunno. Artemis goes elf-crazy. Woohoo.

    Written on 12th Feb 2013, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Hammer and Nails

    Summary: Lots of violence. An intruiging serial killer torments the AF cast.Better than Short's. MWAHAHAHAHA--

    Written on 8th Jul 2012, by . 5 Reviews.

  • A Colorful Announcement! (Please read)

    Summary: You may want to read this!! Please! You don't even need to comment!

    Written on 26th Jan 2012, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Pieces of Me

    Summary: **I STILL NEED PEOPLE!! Badly!** Artemis goes into a mysterious coma. Meanwhile a war rages in a mysterious land. Can you solve the riddle?

    Written on 10th Nov 2011, by . 13 Reviews.

  • The Oracle of McDonalds

    Summary: Long story short, they went to McDonalds. Artemis was appalled. How could they suddenly sink so low to  stop at […]

    Written on 31st Jul 2011, by . 9 Reviews.

  • The Daily D’arvit

    Summary: Fun an' games for Fowl fans, along with some news in the Fowl world, advice from Foaly, ect.

    Written on 22nd May 2011, by . 29 Reviews.

  • One for Sorrow

    Summary: Sorry. Listening to Counting Crows. They’re very depressing. E-cookies for anyone who catches a song refrence.   Three years now. People […]

    Written on 29th Mar 2011, by . 14 Reviews.

  • The Perfectionist

    Summary: There's a strange winged girl sleeeping under Arty's bed, and she looks surprisingly like... him.

    Written on 2nd Feb 2011, by . 25 Reviews.

  • The Box, the Wolf, and the Fowl.

    Summary: The things people will do for food-- shame they didn't know who he was. Please read!

    Written on 22nd Jan 2011, by . 23 Reviews.