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My Stories

  • Holly’s Song (Oh Damn You Artemis)

    Summary: My own random twist on one of the best songs EVER, Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift. I changed the words to make a story about Artemis and Holly. It's funny to me, but that may be simply because I'm obsessed with both the song and the books (of COURSE I'm obsessed with the books!!! I'm here, aren't I?), so if it's not funny, just tell me and I'll take it down.

    Written on 27th Jul 2009, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Guess what?? Another present!!

    Summary: For those of you that were on Fangathering back in prehistory when I last updated Through the Looking Glass in […]

    Written on 8th Apr 2009, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Strange Ways of the Universe

    Summary: Disclaimer: I don’t even own a Wii, much less Artemis Fowl. This is a poem from Artemis’s perspective. It’s not my best […]

    Written on 3rd Mar 2009, by . 8 Reviews.

  • I Hate Him

    Summary: This, I think, is Holly talking about Artemis at one point or another. I don’t really know the circumstances, but I […]

    Written on 10th Jan 2009, by . 10 Reviews.

  • If We Were a Movie

    Summary:  This story is sort of one giant cliche, but oh well. This takes place in a universe where Holly is not […]

    Written on 3rd Jan 2009, by . 9 Reviews.

  • There Were Such Things As Monsters

    Summary: There were no such things as monsters. There were no such things as monsters. There were no such things as […]

    Written on 19th Dec 2008, by . 9 Reviews.

  • Memory

    Summary: Sort of Artemis's reflections on how useless memory is. I think I'm going to do another one that has more to do with Artemis Fowl, but not now.

    Written on 19th Dec 2008, by . 4 Reviews.

  • The Second Midnight (Challenge Entry)

    Summary: Artemis lists what he has done wrong to Holly in an attempt to forget it, then finally realizes there is only one way to escape his guilt. NOT a suicide fic.

    Written on 1st Dec 2008, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Summary: Have you ever heard the riddle\rhyme that answers the question, "If you're in a cement room with no doors or windows, how do you get out?" Well, it would get you out alright, but what if it transported you to another world, say...the Harry Potter Universe! AF\HP crossover Consrtuctive criticism needed. Also, HPOotP spoilers

    Written on 11th Nov 2008, by . 10 Reviews.

  • Defying the Odds

    Summary: I stink at romance, and I don't like to write it, either, but the ending of this story is a bit romantic. But not really. So Artemis is going to attempt to complete the Ritual, Holly is there waiting. I need constructive criticism for the romantic part!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Written on 9th Oct 2008, by . 10 Reviews.