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Dim Aldebaran

I’m fourteen. I’ve written fanfiction for approximately a year primarily in the Artemis Fowl fandom, and my works have the tendency to be overcomplicated nightmares riddled with the odd allusions. You have been warned. I'd also like it to be noted that I'm not writing for any sort of popular - or critical - success. I write for myself. I post here because, occasionally, expression to oneself is not enough, and because the honing of expression makes for a more fulfilling writing experience. Constructive criticism is of course appreciated - and in fact, encouraged - but I would just like that to be clarified, before you make judgments on the more opaque pieces being "not what people want to read" or whatever. So, from there. I'm always open to a good chat, and concrit would be celebrated as a national holiday here in Aldeland. :)

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My Stories

  • No Direction Home

    Summary: Holly had a standing invitation to enter; but somehow knocking felt appropriate, given the circumstances. She had received an email […]

    Written on 4th Mar 2007, by . 14 Reviews.

  • Nepenthe

    Summary: Sometimes, one is dying only to live, and other times... other times, one is living only to die. Holly, Artemis, and absinthe.

    Written on 2nd Mar 2007, by . 4 Reviews.

  • Tombolo

    Summary: Mothers, a petulant Artemis decided, were the bane of basic human dignity. Mother insisted on—the like of these outings, these—these […]

    Written on 28th Feb 2007, by . 6 Reviews.