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Beckett Simpleton

Wow, this needs an update. I'm a teengaer now! Roar! Anyhow, I have discovered these Young Sherlock books, they're brill, go check them out! Whatever, Um, I live in Geordie town (You'll never find it on Google Earth, trust me) In good ol' England! I AM NOT POSH! Why is it that on all American films, English peeps sound super posh? Get some Londoners! Proppa Gangstas! And us Geordies, well. Have you ever listened to Ant & Dec?

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  • My Brother

    Summary: Wow my first poem! Tell me how it is please! ‘My Brother’ (By Myles Fowl. (I’m the smart and hadsome […]

    Written on 20th Aug 2010, by . 20 Reviews.

  • Elbow-The Bones of You

    Summary: Hope you like this- I might do more 🙂 Holly raced around the LEP building trying to get all the […]

    Written on 19th Aug 2010, by . 10 Reviews.

  • FanFiction Towers

    Summary: Cullen, Fowl, Moon, Potter, Maximum, Ward and Elric are forced to live together under the eye of crazy fans! Madness will ensue!

    Written on 8th Aug 2010, by . 154 Reviews.

  • J.M. Songfics. (Ignore this if you’ve read them before)

    Summary:  I don’t own any of the characters in here, Colfer does. And all the songs belong to James Morrison. These […]

    Written on 13th Jun 2010, by . 6 Reviews.

  • A Twilight-like Predicament.

    Summary: Something I thought up quickly. WILL spoil the Twilight books for you a LOT! A/H. “Hay, Artemis, what are you reading?” […]

    Written on 28th Feb 2010, by . 28 Reviews.

  • (Nice To Meet You) Anyway.

    Summary: This is a songfic for Gavin DeGraw’s ‘(Nice to meet you) Anyway. I think this song is funny. I like […]

    Written on 17th Feb 2010, by . 16 Reviews.

  • Paradox

    Summary: The idia of this story came to me while whatching a BBC drama called Paradox. The scientist in the story was a young man called Christian who, to me, looked like Artemis Fowl, was as smart as Artemis Fowl and could almost be his twin. Hence Artemis being his twin. Enjoy! :)

    Written on 23rd Dec 2009, by . 34 Reviews.

  • Sliding Doors

    Summary: Oringinally, the term ‘sliding doors’ was mentioned to be by my year 6 form teacher, Mr Martin. In a Religious Education […]

    Written on 16th Dec 2009, by . 11 Reviews.

  • This Is My Last Goodbye

    Summary: Artemis’ left hand shook violently as he wrote his last goodbye. The writing was barely legible but there was nothing […]

    Written on 4th Oct 2009, by . 44 Reviews.