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Artiholi180 iz watchin you ^_^

Hello all. My name is Sarah, and I'm from Iowa. Lots of strange stuff happenes in Iowa... Anywho, I have auburn hair, hazel eyes, and I'm short. But not Holly Short. I think. I love reading, writing, drawing, and acting. And I might possobly have ADHD... I have been AWOL lately, this is probably the first time I've been on in over a year. I am updating everything soon, sorry for such the long wait. Bye.

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My Stories

  • The Words I Couldn’t Say

    Summary: In a book in a box in the closet, In a line in a song I once heard, In moment […]

    Written on 25th Jan 2012, by . 5 Reviews.

  • Huge Update

    Summary: Hello all. I’ve been on hiatus for an -extremely- long time. Sorry… I’m back, and I hope this will end […]

    Written on 21st Aug 2010, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Tera

    Summary: Tera sat in the window sill and watched the lawn below. She’d been moved to Ireland last month, and she was […]

    Written on 10th Feb 2010, by . 11 Reviews.

  • Ice

    Summary:  A/N i do not own Holly Short, or Arty, tho i wish i did. *stinkin Colfer wont stinking sell me […]

    Written on 9th Feb 2010, by . 17 Reviews.

  • I Need You To Love Me

    Summary: When Holly's close family is all dead, she becomes secluded and starts pushing Artemis away. What will happen when she tries to get him back?

    Written on 17th Jan 2010, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Crossed

    Summary: When reading this, I suggest you put in mind I write from Arty's POV, Dex's POV, narrorater, and possibly others.Categories are iffy. So yeah..... This is a cross-over with one of my charactors, Dex. She's, well, different. Yeah, let's go with that. =D Run. That's the only way to save him. I have to run.

    Written on 24th Dec 2009, by . 52 Reviews.

  • Fortune Cookies

    Summary: Artemis and Holly sat in a Chinese resturaunt eating dim sum. When they were finished, an elderly Aisian woman gave them their […]

    Written on 22nd Dec 2009, by . 8 Reviews.

  • Naughty List

    Summary: I know, I used big words and Arty-Language in here that I don't usualy, but I thought it worked better with the story line. Please tell me if the grown-up talking Arty was a good addition. Also, sorry if my spelling is spoty in places. :) This is for the Christmas Prompt Exchange thing. HOPE YOU LIKE IT :)!

    Written on 22nd Dec 2009, by . 9 Reviews.

  • Christmas Song

    Summary: This is a One shot kinda deal....took me about a hour or two. Hope you like! I know it's spotty in places.....It's 11 o'clock at night here, k? I might put it as a challenge entry, if there is one......HEAD START! hehehehehe.......

    Written on 8th Nov 2009, by . 10 Reviews.

  • A Forest finding (Artemis’s POV)

    Summary: This is like the Forest Finding (one of my other stories) but from Artemis's POV. It also tells the story behind the story, so if you have read the first one you need to read this one. It all started with a single cup of tea..........

    Written on 8th Feb 2009, by . 29 Reviews.