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yeah my real name is Lauren. i'm a huge book nerd, hate non-fiction, but read obsesivly, some of my favorite series are, the mortal insturements, infernal devises, shiver, nightworld, paranormalcy, Artemis Fowl, along with a ton more! i listen to alot of music to, Never shout Never (not confused with never say never, i hate Justin beiber!) marianas trench, falling in reverse (don't judge me! not all their songs are screaming!), mayday parade, and lisa mitchells. But i don't watch a ton of TV, but i am obsesed with Doctor Who! (i'm not British!) yeah, i'm having fun writing fan fiction, hope you enjoy it! and leave comments! and thank you for every one who has commented and rated my stories! espesially those who do so regularly. :D what am i doing with my life?!?! oh and for anyone who remembers me from a long time ago... Hi! how's it going!

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