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I joined this website one day when I was REALLY bored (no offense) and got hooked on it. I enjoy writing and had been working on a Harry Potter fanfic anyway so this wasn't that hard. I really like the Harry Potter series, along with the Underland Chronicles and books by Andrew Clements. I like to read, write, surf the web, chat with friends, and the all-American passtime of watching TV. I'm new here and my stories are way too long (sorry about that, they're worth it I promise!) but that's just the way I write, so sorry again :). So far I've written The Council (charters one and two) and want to write a story off of that once I finish this one. Hope you like them! --@mbi!

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My Stories

  • Update on ‘Everybody Hates Minerva’!!

    Summary: Hey everybody!! The League of Extraordinary Minerva Haters has finally reviewed the letters! See what they thought of yours or […]

    Written on 27th Nov 2008, by . 1 Review.

  • Everybody Hates Minerva

    Summary: Been feeling depressed ever since a certain French genius girl came into the series? Then this is the place for you. Send a letter to the League of Extraordinary Minerva Haters and find yourself surrounded by Minerva-Haters just like you! Good Luck!

    Written on 25th Nov 2008, by . 71 Reviews.

  • Update on The Council!! Second chapter!!

    Summary: Hey The second chapter to The Council is here!! I know, I know you're thrilled. In case you haven't read it, you can find "The Council: Chapter 1 ~ Amy" in action, general, or (probably the easiest) just click on the authors name and click the title above. The second chapter ("the meeting") is listed right above it. YAY!! Ok happy reading!!

    Written on 13th Jul 2008, by . 0 Reviews.

  • The Council: Chapter 2~The Meeting

    Summary: This the sequel to The Council: Chapter 1~Amy, listed in action.: Amy has finally arrived at Haven and is preparing for the long-awaited meeting. But what unfortunate and unwanted secrets will she discover?

    Written on 12th Jul 2008, by . 5 Reviews.

  • The Council: Chapter 1~ Amy

    Summary: Amy Kandonsen is the average teenage girl. Parents that don't understand her, friend troubles, a secret connection with the People, you know: all that jazz. She's feels like she's about to go over the edge until she hears the reasuring beeping from behind her headboard. And here starts another one of her adventures: leading her back to another fairy adventure, one that may end them all. [this is part one to hopefully a lot more chapters :D]

    Written on 17th Jun 2008, by . 9 Reviews.