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You can call me Scar... ^^ I actually had an another account but I abandoned it because It was too old. I was known as iwa but iwa is long gone. She was the childish, innocent figure of myself and I wasn't too proud of it. And so I made a new account. Tks, TheScarletIbis

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  • Dagger

    Summary: Please Read and Reply!   Thanks,   TheScarletIbis   My fingers tapped away on the keyboard on my computer. I […]

    Written on 19th Mar 2011, by . 3 Reviews.

  • I pledge

    Summary: Take pity on me and caress me like you do to a whimpering child. I pledge to never replay my past again. I pledge to never perform my wrong mistakes. I pledge to do all this if you forgive me. My heart, full of misery and guilt, pounds against my fragile skin. Cut it out for me so I can’t feel a thing.....................

    Written on 18th Mar 2011, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Imperfection

    Summary: Dear Reader: Please read and review… Thank you, theScarletIbis                  ——————————- Imperfection If only I had known it would be […]

    Written on 18th Mar 2011, by . 3 Reviews.