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Hi! I'm Torry Star! but you can call me Torry, or Weird, I've been both. I am 15, or I will be in like a week, And I LOVE Artemis Fowl, but it's tied with Percy Jackson and Harry Potter as my Favorite book! I enjoy making people laugh, as you can probably tell in one or two of my story's, one of the bad things about me is that I always forget to go over and edit my fics, so they tend to have miss spelled words. I used to spend most of my time on FG but now I spend it on FF but every once in awhile I will log on here and read some fics! so Bewhere! I am kinda growing into a grammar Nazi! oh if WE could see me now (My first fic had horrible grammar, and spelling, and format...) EDIT: Wow. Hi! I'm Torry, and I am 20 (almost 21) years old. The date is 10-5-17 and it has been a tremendously long time since I've been on this site, dear lord do I feel old... anyways, all Rhodes years ago, this website changed my life. It was the first experience that I had with fanfiction- and essentially writing in general-two things which have had a large impact on the way I grew and developed as a person. I'm in college now, and I am working on writing my own novel, which I don't think would have ever been possible if this place hadn't sparked that love of creative writing. So thanks to everyone on here- I love you all.

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My Favorites

  • Site CLOSED, in READ-ONLY Mode Now, Sorry!

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  • Until I’m ready: Unix’s story

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  • A Tale of Betrayal and Randomness

    Summary: My most popular story, and the one I have the most fun writing. I'm amazed you're reading this, actually. Hi. Read my story, please? *innocent smile*

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  • The Artemis Games

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  • Artemis Fowl and the Time Twister {Part 9}

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  • Complex

    Summary: Artemis has a wife and kids, twenty years after TAC. But when the Complex comes back, secrets must be revealed, and bonds broken.

    Written on 21st May 2011, by . 17 Reviews.

My Stories

  • E-mails, Letters, and Love notes. II

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  • The Artemis Fiasco

    Summary: This is a story that I randomly made.

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  • Artemis and the Insane fans

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  • A Perfectly Good Heart

    Summary: A song fic about Artemis breaking up with Holly

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  • Attack of the fans

    Summary: Attack of the fans Chapter 1:  Those Crazies Disclaimer: I don’t own Artemis Fowl. I wish I owned it, and […]

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  • holly and the twins

    Summary: What if Holly had to babysit Myles and Beckett? What if Myles and Beckett were just as clever as Artemis? […]

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