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Archive Rules

Due to recent conflicts in the archive we’ve decided to implement a few simple rules. There is a fine line between what is appropriate and what is unacceptable on FanGathering, because there are different rules on different archives. We’ve decided to outline, bold, and colour code the line for you so we can all get along! No need to thank us

Note: As of July 11, 2011, the rules have been updated again in keeping with how the site has changed.

Any disobeying of the rules will result in warnings and/or being banned, depending on the severity of the offence.

Archive Rules

1. No adult content allowed. This means nothing with graphic violence or descriptive sex.

2. No slurs based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, et cetera, are allowed. No threats are allowed either.

3. No inappropriate or pointless stories.  All parodies must have a point, and must be actually parodying something. Just having the characters say random words does not constitute a story. Neither does throwing them all into a nonsensical situation with no plot. All stories must be relevant to Artemis Fowl or FG.

4. The editors’ decisions are final.

5. Please put all posts that are announcements under the announcement category. Each author may only post one announcement at a time, and should delete any previous, irrelevant announcements before posting a new one. Remember, announcements can be combined into one post! And all posts that aren’t stories or announcements, don’t have to do with Artemis Fowl or FG, or are pointless and silly will be deleted.

6. No rating stories simply for your own gain. This means rating your own five and a popular story one just to get your story featured..

7. Rules may be changed at any time if need be.

8. Make sure you read the Help and How -To’s section before posting

9. Keep swearing to a PG-13 level, and if there is any sort of swearing/violence/suggestive situations, put a RED BOLDED warning at the beginning of the story, so any younger children can avoid this.

10.  Absolutely no plagiarism! If you want to post another person’s story on the archive you need to ask their permission, send us a way to contact that person so we can verify their acceptance, and link to some sort of profile of the author so they can receive full credit. If any of those guidelines are not fulfilled your story will be deleted, and depending on the severity of the offence, you will be banned.

11. The only contests permitted on the archive are official contests approved by the site administrators. These contests will be run through the main site. Do not start your own contest unapproved- it will be deleted.

12. All stories must have proper spelling and grammar.

13. If you have multiple chapters or parts in the same fanfiction, please post them in the same story/post. Posting all the parts in different stories/posts causes the site to clog up, and it is harder to find newer, individual stories. It is also confusing for the reader, the writer and the Editors. If you do not know how to add chapters in your story, please click here.

14. And, at the risk of sounding cliché, have fun!

Guidelines for Commenting

1. Do not review a story too many times or too often, even your own. You may only leave one comment at a time consecutively. If the comment is on your own story, you can edit in what you want to say. If not, you can always wait until someone else comments!

2. No reviews that criticize the story based on the person’s choice of ‘ship or the sexual orientation of the characters.

3. Absolutely no flames! These are reviews that simply bash the author, offering no constructive criticism, just insults. This stands for other people who have reviewed on a story as well.

4, All reviews must be mostly based on the story that you are responding to. Don’t just post things about yourself. Stay on topic. Make sure to have proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall articulation. That is what makes a good review.

5. Do not have personal conversations with members in the review section.

6. One word reviews are considered spam. Do not shout out things like “UPDATE!” or “Pie!”.

If you have any concerns or wish to contact the Editors, please email us at