Who The HECK Is This?!

Summary: It’s Sea, for those of you who don’t know. Been lurking, yes I have. AA’s not The only Big Brother […]

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It’s Sea, for those of you who don’t know. Been lurking, yes I have. AA’s not The only Big Brother you all have. *nods slowly*

anyways, this is just a quick update on where the heck I’ve been, not sure if you guys care but I’ll tell you anyways.

Been dragged off by school. And the forum. And, the most important point. I cat write to save my life anymore. Sorry. :[

I’ll try to come on and comment *coughandcoughbackseatmodcough* more often. :]

*shrugs* I have an idea for St. Patrick’s Day, though. But it’s so fluffy I feel like digging my eyes out and banging my head against the wall when I think about it. :p

Okay, and one more thing. Dead to Me isn’t on the top tens anymore. I’m not surprised. Why? Because I rated it a one.



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  1. That’s better than what I’ve been doing. I haven’t even been lurking or reading anything or writing anything… Maybe because I miss the days when I knew all the people who were reading and writing the stories. Newbie/veteran ratio kinda bothers me sometimes. Not that I have anything against you, people I don’t know… but you are all people I don’t know.

    Let me simplify and say I REMEMBER YOU SEA!


  2. YOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad your back, at least :]
    Yea, I hate it when I don’t know anyone on here either and I’m supposed to be one of te old people. D;

    😀 so touched that you remember me!
    (I heard about what happened, I tried commenting but the site won’t let me. D; I’m sorry. :[ )

    *hugs and offers left socks*

    () ()
    (•.•) Bunny!

    Which reminds me: I still can’t comment on things. ;( other than my own, that is.

  3. SEA! Who I’ve never gotten the chance to PROPERLY meet. HOW DAH YOU RATE DEAD TO ME A ONE! You… you MONSTER! *psychotic rant*

    Even if you “can’t write to save your life” that’s OK because… ah whatever. Been missing the oldies, actually, curz the newbie overload makes ME feel like a veteran. Which I’m not. I’ll wait until my one-year anniversary and write a fic in celebration (or completely forget of course, either way works) before I can say I’m an oldie.

    Well… welcome back then? Welcome-back cake?

  4. Hmm, I don’t remember you, but it’s good to meet you! I’m AA, the resident… okay, but seriously, it’s good to see you! 😀

    It seems like you’re never on anymore; it’s great to see you around even if you’re not writing anything. It’ll be good to see your comments popping up again. 🙂 *hugs*

    And are you aware that, should I decide to abuse my powers, I do have it within my ability to change the rating of your story? 😛

  5. Hi! I’m one of the dreaded newbies you speak of. I be LEPreconGirl, and am sadly without a nickname. I do not bite, nor do I do the cancan. Welcome back! I’ve heard you’re really good. I agree. Now, down to business.
    HOW DARE YOU GIVE ‘DEAD TO ME’ ONE STAR?!?!?!? It is amazing!*also engages in psycotic rant* Sorry…

    Gotta go! Opal just found out that I haven’t written ANYTHING about her. She’s vain like that…

    Bye! FCD (FOURTH comment dance)

    Um, just wanted to ask this, but…
    have you read any of my stories? You say you’ve been lurking, so I wondered.

    I is sorry about double post. *hangs head in shame* Will a cupcake make up for it?

  6. Yoshi, I feel the same way about the newbie ratio. everyone I knew at the beginning seems to have died… *sniff* I haven’t really wanted to be on here agian much, but I have written more, Just not published it. Wait and see!!!
    *Sighs* “No one understands me anymore.”
    ” I understand you, your highness!”
    ” I meant I need someone who has a brain to understand me. Not you.”
    ” Of course your highness! Would you like to pointlessly go over the boring tedious grain reporst again?”

  7. I’m glad you remember me too. 😀 *hugs*

  8. Hm.. I dont think i have met you Sea. But I see ’round sometiimes on da forum. 😀

    Good to see you’ll try to be back! Also, I ditto what you and WE said: I feel like a veteren with all the newbies. And I’m not even that old!!!

  9. Beckett Simpleton February 19th, 2011 at 2:51 am 9

    hay sea. You know i thhought the newbies would mean MORE REVIEWS but WADDA YA KNOW? No new reviews with an announcement announcing the update of ATG for THREE DAYS. Grr.

    Anyhow, wow, Yoshi’s still around. I thought you’d slipped away into the world known as growing up or something.

    AA don’t know Sea? Wha-? You’re kidding? Right? I always thought you guys… Never mind…

  10. LOL, BS.

    SEA!!! I actually donn’t know you that well, bit hi anyways!!!

    HOW do you rate Dead to me a ONE?!?!?! CAN WE SAY DEPRESSED??!? ARE YOU EMO OUTSIDE OF

    … And I now feel like a newbie again in the presence of Sea, even though I have been on sense May. *gong sounds*

  11. Hi! I’ ve been here for one year and two months I think. My cuz has been here for at least eight months. Just so u know we sometimes we share an account cause always forget our passwords and also collinluvsholly’s brother has started to take atvantage of us cause we always press the accursed “remember me” button.
    P.S who is one of the oldest person on this fanfic? I don’t think I’m that much of a newbie and there are that many ghosts on this site. Here’s the list of peeps me and collinluvsholly put together of people we see frequently on this site:
    Beckett Simpleton

  12. I don’t think I know you that well either but…HAI

    …I’ve realised that I’m so old that the newbies from way back are gone…THAT IS HOW OLD I AM…wow, depressing. I am literally a veteran albeit one who is 15 🙂

    ahhh…*rocks in rocking chair, picks up kntting and reminisces of days gone by*

  13. Hai?

    Never met you. 😀

  14. Beckett Simpleton February 22nd, 2011 at 7:37 pm 14

    i think the right girl or yoshi was here first… I’ve been here nearly two years… Hermionie came after me, and AA is about a half a year younger than me in net terms, so it’s


  15. Sorry for the late replies. @.@ I’ve been busy with some things.
    Um, I rated it a one, cause I don’t think it’s good enough. Like how you would rate a bad story a one, except that it’s your own. *shrugs* no biggie. :]
    Hm, heya new people.
    I feel old. ;( 18 and been on here for almost two years now. :p on and off, on and off.
    Hm.. Ya know who I miss the most? Alex. :[
    for those of you who dot know, it’s TWS. :p

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