What Be This? Challenge Results?

Summary: The Halloween Challenge winner... is...

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WE: WE, in.

Fowlie: Herro! Heyy… WAIT. What happened to that Halloween challenge thingie?

WE: Hey, that’s your fault… OK, it’s partly mine, too. XD

Fowlie: Should we just judge it now? Might as well. WHERE’S SNOOKIE!?

WE: *glares at TungstenMessiah* That’s your CUE. *coughs*

Fowlie: … You better be here.

TungstenMessiah: *plays Raze 2*

Fowlie: *sigh* HELP US judge this thing already!

TungstenMessiah: YUS! Got the Acid Hound! *dances*

WE: *does not even try to decipher ™’s words*

Fowlie: Yes, yes, okay. Now get to the Basement nao. Or else I’ll… keeeelll you with my Fowlielicious power.

TungstenMessiah: Whut Basement? And the Acid Hound is an explosive gun, WE.

WE: *rolls eyes* You guys’re like an old married couple. Seriously, we have to do this thing. I already have murderous readers after me and I don’t want bloodthirsty writers on my tail.

Fowlie: Link in the PM.

TungstenMessiah: Heh? Whut PM? OH! [i]THAT[/i] PM…

Fowlie: My gods, my e-brother is an idjut. XD

WE: I thought he was your Twinnie or something.

Fowlie: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny, WE. Now, enough jokes.

TungstenMessiah: AHAHeoughuodgoHAHH! Yeah. Funneh!

WE: What? That wasn’t even… Wasn’t even supposed to… *gives up*

Fowlie: *headdesk* I don’t even know anymore. Just GET THERE!!!@!!!@!@!@

WE: And where might be this “there” that you speak of, dear Fowlie-chan-sama-hyung? No, Sorry. Hyung’s for guys. XDD

Fowlie: GET to the Basement, where else do we judge this thing/plot our conspiracies? *cries*

TungstenMessiah: Fine, fine. *throws teleport tab*

WE: Alright, alright. WE, out~

Later, at the super-secret-basement-that-will-not-even-be-described-because-HAHA-you’re-not-an-editor! (WE interferes because she must point out that ™ is not an editor, either) (Fowlie must point out that ™ gets access temporarily as he is a judge. This isn’t even the Basement’s true form. As WE no doubt remembers.) (Duh. The guys are just jealous cuz they dun have access to the Attic. ~TM) (Uh huh, okay. Sure, sure. XP *eats pie* ~Fowlie):

TungstenMessiah: Wow. This Basement sure is spacious. Wooden shelves, canned goods OOH! Cushions! LED Flat screens! PLAYSTATION 3s! Computers galore! Wheeee! This is almost as good as the Attic!

Fowlie: ……

WE: Dude. Seriously. -__- We’re here to judge the challenge.

TungstenMessiah: *Plays Raze 2* Woooot! Got th’ Grenade Launcher!

WE: *snatches away computer* NO. BAD ™.

Fowlie: *fangirls AloisXClaude* OH MY FROND, HIS SHORTS! HIS SHORTS ARE TOO… SHORT! *BLUSH*  Claude TOTALLY picks out Alois’ clothes.

WE: *facepalms*

TungstenMessiah: …Uh… Awkward, much? And. no, no, WE. It’s : “*faceARGH*”

Fowlie: Not to me, love. >:3


Fowlie: NO! It’s *headwallkeyboardsmashsuidcidalness*

WE: This is going to be the most ridiculously long and pointless announcement in the world. Need I remind you that we’re posting this on the FF site?

TungstenMessiah: Dun make me ramble on about silver bromides and helium hydroxides and Saturns again…

Fowlie: *cleans up nosebleed* No! Okay, FOCUS. We’re going to give WE a coronary if we keep doing this.

TungstenMessiah: Now, you see, that is quite impossible. That condensers on Jupiter must have their photon chargers repla – Heh? Oh! We’ve started! *clears throat*

WE: *grits teeth*

Fowlie: *pushes voodoo dolls of Claude and Alois together* KISS! KISS ALREADY! WTFrond, just kiss, man.


Fowlie: Let’s get this over with, I have a date with Alois in fifteen minutes.

TungstenMessiah: Ok, ok, WE, do the honours! Cuz you had to put up with moi and Fowlie. XD

WE: XD That’s something within itself. Everyone, applaud Iris for her win ^^

Fowlie: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!@t@!^%$#323411!!!!@@#!~#!@

TungstenMessiah: *heartily slaps Iris on back*

Fowlie: I’ll be emailing the siggies/avvies to those who won. :3 Unfortunately, we determined that the fics weren’t quite… of the caliber required for the Featured section, so… sorry.

WE: Fowlie… that seems so mean~ XD

Fowlie: …That was the nicest I could come up with! D: I’m sorry!

WE: *awkwardly pats Fowlie’s head and misses*

Fowlie: WE will seduce you with her awkwardness.

TungstenMessiah: ……

WE: What? Don’t listen to her! Shuddup~ Ai~ DX

Fowlie: *smug*

WE: I feel awkward referring to myself as a girl.

WE: I just awkwardified everything, didn’t I?

Fowlie: Yes. Yes you did. 😛

WE: Do we have anything else to say?

TungstenMessiah: NO! Can I go nao!? RAZE 2 FTW!

Fowlie: I’m out! *goes off to call Ciel*

WE: You guys’re such… actually, I bet no one’s even listening to me.

WE: *permeats air with awkwardness*

WE: WE, out~

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  1. That was one looong and weird announcement. But I won!!
    *totally fails at a victory-dance-thing*
    😀 Now I get a prize and I got a slap on the back! You guys officially brought me one step closer to insanity ;). Again.
    Now I’m off, to do… stuff.

  2. That was the longest announcement I ever read. O_o

    Why thank you ^^ ~WE

  3. Wow, that was funny. And long. lol. *dies of laughter*

    Well done Iris! You deserve it! 😀

  4. WE…
    You spell “permeates” wrong. BAHAHAHAH! FAIL!

    I spelled it “permeats” at first, but the spellcheck said that it was “permeates”. I dunno, man. Might I add that you used the wrong verb tense? XDD ~WE

  5. i thought i was your e-brother 🙁

    a) Who, me? Haha, I dun’ quite know about that, man.
    b) What does this have to do with the post?

    You disappeared. XDDDD ~Fowlie

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