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Story Plagiarism

Summary: Hey you guys, this is a message for anyone with a account. There is someone with an account on […]

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Hey you guys, this is a message for anyone with a account.

There is someone with an account on a website called, by the username of UniqueStar12 whom is plagiarized over seventy stories by dozens of writers on, several of which I am online friends with. I write in some of the categories she has stolen from (under the username of Luminesyra), and am a bit concerned she will try to plagerize mine and others’ stories, though I have blanantly told her I will hack her account and delete the account.

I know many of the users on this site have accounts on and I think they have the right to know about this. Please email me at if you find one of your stories on her profile.

I’m sorry Amy and AA, I know this isn’t an Artemis Fowl related post, but this is a serious issue and I have a direct link to this author and I am highly offended that stories of good e-friends of mine are being stolen. Please don’t delete this announcement!

Please help the stop this lying, stealing *insert word of choice here*

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  1. i got the mail regarding this…my,my…is it true? that is a complete crime. i didnt post anything yet on, but i’m pretty sure the authors who did are getting very annoyed with this copycat. will it be safe to post my first

  2. I got an email about it too. I checked her account, and I didn’t see any of my stories. I know if I did see one of mine up there, I would be pretty ticked. I can’t answer you for sure, Shaadia, but I think it would be safe. Maybe Silver can answer that oneā€¦

  3. SilverGoddess May 28th, 2013 at 3:59 am 3

    Yes, I sent out an email to everyone I knew with a FF account, I thought it was only fair to post an announcement on here, because I know there are quite a few members with FF accounts.

    @shaadia: I’m sorry, I can’t give you a real answer. I know she has stolen from the How To Train Your Dragon and Green Lantern categories for certain, because I write in those categories and know a few of the authors. I also know she has stolen from Kane Chronicles, Ice Age, Hunger Games, Twilight and a few others, based upon the pissed off commentary from the original authors.(Sorry about the language. I had my own heated review. She stole from a good e-friend of mine, so I felt the minor cussing necessary.)

    I don’t think she has stolen any Artemis Fowl ones, but I also didn’t look at every story, only the first three pages out of the twelve on there. I am still debating on whether or not to hack into her account, but I have never hacked someone I didn’t know, or with an intention to damage the account I’m hacking(basically, I have hacked into a few friends Facebook/email/tumblr, because they forgot their password.)

    I have reported her to the site’s administrators three times, but they haven’t done anything yet and it has been ten days since she was last on there, unsurprisingly. I doubt she’ll log in again now that she knows people found out she stole from them.

    To (partially) answer your initial question, shaadia, I have no idea if it’s safe to post your story(ies), but don’t let that stop you. Email me the title and I’ll keep a lookout on her page. I swear to God, if I see the story, I’m GOING to hack her, but the chances of her plagiarizing now are slim. I doubt she’s so stupid to risk it again, now that everyone knows.

    I hope this obscenely long comment was even remotely helpful. (I just realized I use significantly more big words when I am on an angry rant than otherwise. Hehe, just like Razer. Sorry, GL:TAS reference. Non-Fanterns wouldn’t get it. You know what? I think I’ll just shut up now…)

  4. Finn the human July 16th, 2013 at 8:58 pm 4

    I looked and I think she got banned from the site YAY

  5. I’ll go report this. I monitor the AF and PJ categories over there, (mostly for the fanfics.) If I see any more of this, I’ll alert authors here.

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