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So ein Pech!

Summary: Note: Title means “what bad luck!” Artemis is such an unlucky boy. Still a teenager, and yet he has experienced […]

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Note: Title means “what bad luck!”

Artemis is such an unlucky boy. Still a teenager, and yet he has experienced the loss of one parent (for a period of time) and if we’re more lenient with the criteria, his mother’s bout of depression counts too.

He’s bargained with the extinctionists, saved the fairy world, and has a split personality. Too bad more stuff’s just gonna come his way.

You’re right. His fans can’t bear it anymore. Combining their strength, they have managed to break the fourth wall, and now he is stuck in a room, tied to a chair, and he can spot a total of seven visible cameras.

Looking for kidnappers! Seven will be accepted, based on first-come-first-served basis! Additional submissions may be kept, and used as a featured guest! Join now, and receive the delight of seeing the criminal mastermind up close and without Butler!

(For those shipping Artler, we are sincerely sorry. The hole in the wall wasn’t big enough for us to drag him through too.)

Artemis Fowl is willing to receive fan letters and constructive criticism in addition to gifts. This decision was made for him by his hosts (his kidnappers).

Note: The categories will be changed when I have enough things to work on.

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16 responses to “So ein Pech!.” Join in!

  1. I wanna be in it!! But we could be the fairies taking revenge on Arty kidnapping Holly-crazy fans get a bit old.
    Appearance:Spiky blue hair, blue eyes, blue clothes. Hair is dyed.
    Personality:Crazy, permanately on a sugar-rush if fan. If fairy, smart and cheeky. =)=)=)

  2. Hmm yes. You’re right. But it’ll be a big mix, since I’ll add more people as time goes by. They could have different agendas. (But the same goal, muahahaha).

  3. That would work. Sorry, I just really hate crazy fangirl stories. =)=)

  4. I actually hate ’em too. Mostly about how the grammar and spelling checks are always non-existent.

  5. I’ll join. I have straight black hair halfway down my back, dark brown eyes(you can’t see it unless you’re about 6 inches from my face and stare really hard, otherwise they look black), tan skin, bad memory, dark blue glasses, enjoys cats and cookies, and I hate cheese. And most other dairy products. EXCEPT ICE CREAM. I am also random and 12 years old. Female. Will eat off floor depending on cleanliness of floor and tastiness of food. Will sit/climb just about anything. Stares off into space and has a lot of potentially useless facts. I used to say that I was smart, then I read Artemis Fowl and decided no one could ever be smart, ever again…

  6. I would love to sign up!

    Name: FowlStar (Maedria Black)
    Appearance: I am wearing a purple teeshirt that says Artemis Fowl on it, white skinny jeans, a small white jacket and white ballet flats. I have long black hair (waist length) pulled into a sloppy ponytail, I have a black sheath encrusted with purple sapphires, which holds a long hand and half wide blade Inuyasha style sword made with tempered starmetal with purple sapphires encrusted into the guard of the sword, the blade is pure obsidian black.
    Personality: weird, random (as in I say weird random things all the time like “Chicken is my FAVORITE color”; when I have soda, or a huge sugar rush really, I have seizures which include first extreme hyper behavior, second, one of my eyes starts twitching, then I fall to the ground and shake weirdly and then pass out for a few hours. Usually one of Alanna’s potions wake me up…wow, this paragraph is so pointless), I am extremely head strong and usually like to lead. At my best I can be treacherous and cold if you hurt me or my friends, and at my best I can be awesome, level headed and trusting. I am extremely smart and I love planning. Evil! I say Meep alot to. And I get angry when someone else says my word. Which is meep. Meep. Meep…..
    Age: 12

    Other: I have OCD. I am weird, and I love books, chocolate, and books about chocolate. And saying the word meep, and talking about my baby birds and bragging about how smart I am and…and I think I should stop now……

  7. Hey, my comments aren’t being posted….so check the comments in your story panel, It might be there. 🙁 I tried posting it eight times. Sorry!

  8. May I?

    Proud, turns into bird occasionally, lots of quotes (specificly Cats). Has minor social issues. (As in, I don’t really think like most people and so I say the wrong thing at the wrong times a lot.)
    Lond, dirty blond hair, blue eyes,sandal tan. Black jeans, midnight blue cloak.

  9. Chicken is my favorite color? HAHAHAHA… I cracked up at that. Note- I never, ever, ever, say lol. In fact, that was the very first time I typed lol. You are viewing a historic moment. OK then, back to the point. How many more people do you need before you write the story? I really want to see this… *cackles evilly* (I have a pretty good evil cackle, the kind that makes you stare at the person for a couple of seconds, with this look that says you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me-that-came-from-that-random-girl?)

  10. Seven main characters… some suggestions? (say, letters or threats or “interesting” scenarios)

    Then I’ll start.

  11. Read Broken, by Meova. It’s very inspirational. *Evil cackle* (which is WAY cooler then WE’s)

  12. Kind. So kind. You’re comparing Broken to what of mine?

  13. I am so looking forward to this story!

  14. Hm. Yes. But I still need more things to work on. Any random thing you can contribute is okay.

  15. oh, and holly flies into a alternate dimension filled with… COOKIES!!!!

    Excessive punctuation or letter repetition stretches the page, so please don’t do it 😉

  16. Fowlfan4ever June 20th, 2011 at 12:26 am 16

    Aaaahhhhhh…. Artygirl? What’s thi about cookies? I LOVE crazy fan stories.

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