This is not an emercency!!! Click anyways!

Summary:  Now that I have your attention…..     Ok, I REALLY need you, the Arty fans, to comment and tell me […]

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 Now that I have your attention…..

    Ok, I REALLY need you, the Arty fans, to comment and tell me your name, eye color, height, hair color, hobbies, and I need you to tell me what KIND of character you would like to be (a Ranger, a courier, a wizard/witch, a halfblood, a knight, or a desendent of Guinevere) :mrgreen:  😀 😀

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  1. Name: Crazy Chick
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5/8
    Hair Color: Red
    Hobbies: Basket Ball, Reading, Writing.
    Character: Ranger!


  2. Name: Ivy
    Eye colour: Amythest
    Height: er tall…wait lemme go measure myself…1m70
    Hair colour: Burnt sienna
    Hobbies: composing and playing music-on piano, doodling, reading, writing, singing
    Character: WITCH Wooooooooooh!!


  3. I am a GIRL! I wear a cloak, or a t-shirt, and prefer to ride my horse,Thunderhead.
    I am a sarcastic half vampire. Can I be a Ranger?!

  4.  Oh, and I should probably describe your options. 😉

     Ranger: Rangers are an elite, secretive group of people. They act as the eyes, ears, and peacekeepers of the kingdom, and organize troops in times of war. They uphold the law, and protect their own feif, a sizeable amount of land that is assigned to them. Their standard weapons are the longbow and two large knifes. Other weapons are also frequently used. Rangers wear a green/grey mottled cloak. This helps them blend into the background. Retired Rangers recieve a golden oakleaf necklace, graduate Rangers get a silver one, and Apprentice recieve a bronze edition.

     Courier: Couriers are messengers. Don’t get bored. They ‘re diplomats who carry highly important messages across the kingdom, wearing long white gowns with a blue satin cape. They usually carry a long gold dagger which could become usefull in a potentially hostile situation. Usually women. A symbol of their authority is a laurel branch that pins the cape to their shoulders.

     Wizard/Witch: Well. Wizards are generally male, witches female. In this case, I mean Harry Potter. Attending Hogwarts. 😉 Sorry for any misconception. Any one choosing this option should choose one of the following “Houses.”  Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. Each wizard/witch would recieve a wand and a set of black robes bearing an insigna of the chosen house. You would use spells, and you don’t have to know any. 😉 I’ve got htem all figured out. 😀

     Halfblood: A Halfblood is a person with one mortal and one immortal parent. Sometimes called Demigods, these people enjoy the perks of having advanced skills that are connected to those of their immortal parent. Usually associated with Greek gods. Please specify a parent. Referring to Percy Jackson.

     Knight: This one’s self explanatory. You can have swords, maces, lances, daggers, battleaxes, etc. Armor, surcoats, battlehorses. You know the drill. 😉 Usually men. Doesn’t have to be. 😀

     Desendant of Guinevere: These people are usually women. They come from a long line of red-headed, green eyed beauties that started back when the Arctic ice caps froze. Their ansestor was a young lady who had contact with the last of the twelve remaining dragons after humans hunted them to near-extinction.These girls have a strong connection to dragons. They can create small dragons out of clay and animate them with a substance called ice fire. :D  

  5. Cherrypop THE NINJA!!! June 2nd, 2010 at 8:03 pm 5

    hobbies:reading and swordplay
    height:5 foot
    hair:curly red
    character: Ranger
    main description:
    i have pale skin, bright blue eyes, and always wear a black cloak. can I have a pet sheepdog?

  6. Name: Yoshi

    Eye color: Hazely brown

    Height: 5’8″

    Hair color: Short dark brown

    Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, listening to my tunes, surfing the Internet

    Character: If I’m a witch, can I sarcastically wear the black pointy hat and have a wand with a star on it? Just asking. I want to be a witch anyway. 🙂

    ~Yoshi-o Nara (now who can catch that reference? Whoever does gets a plate of e-muffins)

  7. Alright. You know what this is? It’s an ANNOUNCEMENT. Not a one-shot, not an “other”; an ANNOUNCEMENT. Please de-select the catagories that do not apply to an ANNOUNCEMENT.

    Name: Alex/TWS
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’2″
    Hair Color: Naturally brown, with green lowlights
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, singing and general weirdness
    Character: I’d like to be a halfblood, or a Descendent of Guinevere. If you need to change my appearence for the character, that’s cool too.

  8. TWS, could you specify your character? It doesn’t matter which one. And I can leave your appearence if you want. If you choose Halfblood, could you pick an oh-so-godly parent?

  9. By the way my house is slytherin…heehee 😀

  10. Please delete your old announcements. Second time I’ve asked.

  11. Of corse. Pick my fav characters from books and make me choose.

    Name: Silver Song
    Eye color: Bright violet or ice blue.
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 62 lb.
    Hair Color: Pure white with a single bright red streak.
    Hobbies: Training with my longbow, reading (R.A), drawing wolves and dragons, making fun of other Rangers, and playing with Clink, my horned marten.
    Character: Ranger.

  12. Hermione Fowl June 3rd, 2010 at 7:36 am 12

    Appearance:Brown, shoulder-length hair. Green eyes. Jeans. Green top, with v-neck sequins. Brown jacket. Always have shoulder bag with me. Locket necklace.
    Hobbies:Writing. Running. Reading. Babysitting/playing with little children.
    Personlaity:Shy. Don’t talk to a soul. Very brainy. Very organised.
    Character:1st choice:Witch (house Ravenclaw). If you have too many, I’ll be a Ranger. =)=)

  13. Duck With No Name June 3rd, 2010 at 1:03 pm 13

    Ooh, this looks interesting! 😀

    Name: Sapphire
    Appearance:curly red hair, bright green eyes, and freckles. Wears a green top which has a swirly white flower pattern and blue jeans. Oh, and some sandals which show off her glitter green toenails.
    Height: 160 cm.
    Hobbies: singing, reading, playing the piano, doodling.
    Personality: friendly, a bit shy.
    Character: Descendant of Guinevere- do I get a dragon? And if so, can it be a musical dragon that carries a flute? You can decide what the flute does. And can she be called… let me think… Gliss! (short for Glissandra- from the musical term of a glissando).


  14. Yeah. You can have a dragon. 😀 And if Sea ever clicks, the reason my comments are outlined is because CM’s my little sister and we share an e-mail adress. 🙁 AA, she took care of what was there…. lemme see if there’s any more…


  15. Okee dokee, then. 😉

    Name: Star
    Eye color: Mint green
    Height: Average for a 12 year old
    Hair color: Gold with a hint of dark brown
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, Listening to music, running, biking, eating, and playing with meh BFFs. 😉

    I’d like to be a witch, in Gryffindor, please. My second choice would be a courier, like my dear friend Alyss. 😉

    Thanks Attix. Luff ya!


  16. If you need me to be a half blood, I’m good or if you need me to be a Descendent of Guinevere, I’m good. Whichever is needed for the story. I’d kinda prefer Descendent of Guinevere, though

  17. Ok, sorry, but NO MORE rangers please!! Sorry, its just that like NO ONE has said anything besides  a ranger. Sorry all you ranger fans. Oh, and I might have to change some of the rangers though…


  18. Hermione Fowl June 7th, 2010 at 3:14 am 18

    It was hard to choose between Ranger or witch. I’m not suprised we’ve got so many Rangers. =)=)

  19. Rangers are fun…
    My second choice would be a Descendent of Guinevier. But I’d like Ranger alot.

  20. I want to be a half-blood dauter of athina/witch house ravenclaw. if i can only be one i want to be a witch.
    Look:rainbow top sparkaly purpal pants with pink roses on them and wizards cap purpal pink and blue hair and aquamarine eyes
    Wepons:wand’ bronze dager and bronze boomarang
    Personality:always reading playing pokemon or drawing
    Name kara
    Sorry for misspelings 🙂

  21. Name: Lucy
    I wood like to be a pokemon trainer. Please?
    Pokemon: buterfree plusule minun venusaur pachyresu and noctowl.
    if i can’t be one than i wood like to be a knight.
    wepon: of choice perpel sourd pink sheild blue armor pure black horse
    hight: 5 foot 9′
    Misspellings so sorry 😉

  22. When will this be updateded? Sorry for misspellings 🙂

  23. Name: sara. Hight: 4, 7′ I am a girl i wood like to be a half-blood dahter of aphroditie Eye coler:brown Hair coler: red Hobieis: reading drawing disasembling broken electronics writing and staying up all night

  24. How many pepol do you need? Just wondering.
    Sorry for misspellings 🙂

  25. Hey kara, I’d kind of like to know something. Are there multiple people at your computer, or are you posing as different people? Because there are several posts in a row on here under the same IP, and if you’re posing as different people, all that’s doing is clogging up the site. I know you’re new, so I’m not gonna get you in trouble or anything, I’m just telling you just in case. 😉

    Okies? 🙂

  26. Name: Saphira
    Height: 5’1″
    Hair Color: Raven Black
    Eye Color: Blue-Black
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, illustrating, and practicing witchcraft
    Character: Witch/Ranger

  27. Name: max hieght:7`6 hair color:black eye color:black skin color:white outfit:black t-shirt black jeans black sneackers with black hoodie type:demigod god:hades age:10 descripion: has a pet hellhound and a black watch th turns into a a sycth usally bis pretty angry and likes being alone is a master in martail arts

  28. greekmythology March 29th, 2011 at 11:05 pm 28

    Name: Erin
    height: 5’7″
    hair color: black
    Eye color: green
    i wear a black t-shirt and black jeans with a black ankle length coat.
    type: demigod father hades
    age 14
    description: i have a pet wolf and a sword that is hiden by the mist. it can change from celestial bronze,iron, steel, etc. when i get angry my eyes turn black when i get angry and when i’m angry i can summon the monsters from tartauras

  29. greekmythology March 29th, 2011 at 11:07 pm 29

    4got hobbies
    i love to write, read, and be outside.

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