New fic(s) on da way!

Summary: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I KNOW! I have a bajillion other fics you guys want me to update. I. Do. Not. […]

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I KNOW! I have a bajillion other fics you guys want me to update. I. Do. Not. Care.

One is going to be a one-shot(TAKE NOTE OF THIS!!!), but I’m only half way done with it. It’ll probably be around my usual one shot length, less than a thousand words, though I’m trying to make it more.

Now for telling you guys about the evil chapter fic of evil…

I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark and say a good portion of you have seen the Indiana Jones movie’s, right? All the way up to the fourth? And you’re eagerly awaiting the fifth? Well, guess what crossover I’M making!

What? With fairies long lifespans I’m surprised no one’s done it before! I mean, the time period is probably a bit before Root became Commander… And Mutt would be around sixty-six after TOD, right? (TOD=2004) So, really, it just all kind of snaps into place. I’ll give you a little preview of what I have so far. 😉


Fowl Manor. Year, 2004

Henry ‘Mutt’ Jones the Third could only stare as the Bentley that had picked him up at the Dublin airport approached Fowl Manor. An old friend and contact of his, Artemis Fowl I, had invited him over. Said it had been too long since they hadn’t seen each other since his sons birth. It was true. It had been over eighteen years since their last meeting in person, and he was excited to catch up.

“We’re here.” The man who had picked him up -the bodyguard, if he remembered correctly- said unnecessarily. Henry nodded numbly as he got out, and was surprised to find himself stumble when he realised the car had still been pulling into the drive. He chuckled to himself silently; it wasn’t as if he hadn’t jumped out of a car before, and thoes ones had been going at a much higher speed than five MPH.

The bodyguard stepped out of the car as Henry stared at Fowl Manor. He cleared his throat, and Henry turned to face him. “Yes?” He questioned, one eyebrow raised.

The bodyguard opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again, shaking his head slightly as he made his way to the trunk to grab the archaeologists bags. “Never mind.” He muttered. Jones rolls his eyes before striding to the door, a confident (and slightly cocky, as usual) smile lighting up his tanned features.


And so it begins… It’ll be called ‘The Wings’ until I can come up with a less sucky title and it should be out by the end of the week. 😉

Oh yes, I forgot, Heard But Not Spoken has had its chapter two for over a week now. Just thought you guys might want to know.

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  1. Beckett Simpleton February 16th, 2010 at 10:12 pm 1

    Ah ha! egerly waiting it’s release! I’ve never seen or read any of the indianan Jones stuff. But this fic sounds goood!

  2. I’d rather you updated other stories. . .But I’ll get over it! =)=)

  3. I apologize. I have not watched a single Idiana Jones movie. And I don’t think I’ve missed anything but… Hey, I’m not normal. As in beyond the usual FG not normal.

    Yeah, so, you should do the fic anyways. I’ll figure it out. Hey, I’ll even go read the extensive wiki page for Indiana Jones if I have to do that to know the fic.

    Becuz you are awesome. And if you’re not touched by that, then be touched right now. *Demand* 😀

  4. Erm… The wiki article might help.

    *blushes* I’m /really/ not all that awesome. There are a lot of writer’s a lot better that me and I’m not all that good…

  5. God, you’re gonna make me slap you, aren’t you? Will you stop ragging on yourself?? How many times do we have to tell you that you’re an amazing writer before you believe us? Personally, you’re my second favorite active writer on this site, my favorite being Kitsune Heart. Okay?? *shakes AK by shoulders* You! Are! A! Great! Writer!!!

    *grins* I look forward to reading this crossover you speak of… 😀

    … and don’t be scared, I just hate it when people who are /that good/ at what they do are constantly denying it … and I wouldn’t do that to someone I didn’t like, so don’t think I’m mad or anything. XD

  6. *stares at AA, opens mouth to reply, then wisely shuts it*
    Thank… you? I’ll just stop then so you don’t slap me. Again. *cringes* I make no promises about what may run through my head though.

    I look forward to finishing the crossover I speak of. If I can… You know how bad I am about actually /finishing/ fics. I’ve only done it once, and that fics been deleted because it was so (no, I am not ragging on myself) God awful. Grammar, spelling, plot. All things I was completly oblivious to when I wrote it. *shudders* You better hope I never regress back to that stage…

    Chapter one is halfway through and chapter two is beginning to sprout, so be thankful, because I’m not posting this sucker till it had chapter two.

  7. *smiles innocently*
    That’s better. Ah, so you have the same thing I do with finishing stuff… I like to call it Da Vinci syndrome, myself. DVS.
    And I can understand if you say a fic of yours was bad if you have reasons. I have those too. Like the first fic I ever wrote… *sigh* I never finished the trilogy…

    I’m thinking about doing a crossover meself… I wonder, would you like to co-write it…? Meh, I’ll talk about that when I decide.

    I love the excerpt, by the way. Sounds like it’s gonna be interesting, as long as you can explain it…

  8. Oh, I’m quite sure it will be explained rather well. A good portion of it will be set almost fifty years in the past (hence, the Root note) and I think I’ve picked up the original Indy writer’s talent for being able to explain the situation. I’ve already come up with the scenario on how- oops! Spoiler! 😛

    I’d LOVE to co-write with you! Pm me on the deets when you decide!

    DVS… I like it. Sound fitting enough. God help the poor sould who wait for out updates, eh?

  9. Cross-overs, eh? Now that you mention it…why not write one myself…*Walks away slowly, hand on chin*

    *Slams into lamp-post*


  10. *pokes the back of AK’s head*
    You will now fall in to a trance, when I click my fingers you will wake up and admit that you are one hell of a writer.
    *snaps finger…Nothings changed apart from the fact that Ak’s holding a Bazooka*

    Ok, sheesh fine! But you are an awesome writer and I cant wait for your new story!
    Hmm I might do a cross-over..nah I’d end up messing up all the characters.

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