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Summary: Why are zombie spam mutants running under the rainbow, that I am currently standing on top of?

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As Finn, or imfowltothebone, as addressed us on not having a FanGathering topic. For stories that have to do with the plot of this site.

Not announcements.

For example people here believe in a place called “FG Towers” or “Fangathering Towers”, a place where all of us members live at. Each section of the site is a section of the tower or a room, it all depends on the author. You guys get the concept – right?

If there are any members of FG in any of the future stories and are not original characters, the story belongs in this category.

I am also letting this slip by… Stories in the category do not have to be Artemis Fowl related, but cannot other fan fiction based. Just either Artemis Fowl or FanGathering. Nothing else.

Sorry for the harshness, it must be that way to make it through some peoples heads. If you have any questions please leave them in the commenting section and I will get to you as soon as I can, or privet message(PM) me on the forum. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening. 😉


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  1. Oh, thanks for adding this category! Just saying, can the editors (or the people who created the story) move their FG-based stories into this topic? Also, since we have FG RPs on the forum, can we (after they’re done, checked for grammar etc) posted them on here with the other RPers permisson? ^^

    Thanks Amy-kun! 😀

    Yes, but only if it is FanGathering or Artemis Fowl related, no other fandoms. :] I think I know what RP you are talking about and that one would work.

  2. What about crossovers with AF or FG? Or a AF/FG crossover?

    Yes, that is fully allowed.

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