Important Notice for All FF Authors!

Summary: There are some added rules and tutorials that have just been updated/added and if you please, check them out. Links and more info inside. :D

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Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you all a heads up that our rules have changed slightly, and there is a new tutorial for everyone. We know people have been having trouble inserting chapters into their stories, so please check that out.

We also have some new policies, so we request that you please read everything completely. There are some new commenting guidelines as well. I hope these changes can ensure the continued safety and ease of use of the FanFiction Galleries for our loyal FF authors.


1. Rules/Commenting Guidelines

2. How to Add Chapters to Your Stories

3. Help and How-To’s

Our contact email has also changed. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email the Editors at


Thank you for your cooperation!


~Artificial Asian, WE, and FowlStar

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7 responses to “Important Notice for All FF Authors!.” Join in!

  1. PIE! Sorry…couldn’t resist. I literally lol’ed when I read that rule…

    *cough….* I wrote that rule. XD You littler spammer. Hehe. 😀 ~ Fowleh!

  2. Fowlie!! I tried the chapter steps on ‘Minerva or Holly’ and guess what….. It still did’nt work!!

    * Starts to cry because is mad!*

  3. artemis_fowl_the_second July 12th, 2011 at 12:01 am 3

    i’m more than tempted to start spamming this….
    (for amber room) Tacos!
    please don’t ban me!!!!!! i don’t want to die!!!!!!

  4. @Amber Root: Hmm, maybe it’s a glitch with your story in particular? Or I suppose it could always be another browser issue… if you’d like, you can compile all the text together in one story, tell us where the chapter breaks are, and we can try editing it for you 🙂

    @Artemis_Fowl_the_Second: Honestly, I was kind of expecting someone to do that 😛 Har har and all that, but seriously, don’t do it on serious stories, please.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that with all the current editors we have, we’re all willing to give a warning or two before actually breaking out the banhammer. 🙂 I haven’t seen anyone banned since I joined almost two years ago, and I’ve seen that people who spam and post stories that are against the rules can most definitely turn to the light side. XD

  5. FantasyDevourer July 15th, 2011 at 3:39 am 5

    Any reason why when I post (or update) a story or announcement, it doesn’t show up in the Newest Stories (or Recently Updated)??? It shows when you click on the All button, but it doesn’t show on the bit that’s the absolute newest.
    For some reason, though, it shows as the newest when you go to all the newest ones. (same thing with the updating)

    Amber Root: I messed up my stories because I put instead of . :P. Maybe that’s why it won’t work for you.

    Fowlie Says:

    Hey Dev, yeah. It doesn’t show the newest updates, only the newest stories. Sorry about that. 😉 Anymore questions, just ask.

  6. Sorry my Chapter thing works now! 🙂 Thank the lord!
    I will write alot more. Yay. Me Love the chapters now!

  7. Hey, Fowlie! Bet that you hate me to the high heavens by now for my lack of updating. Ahaha… *cough* Wait, what are you doing with that? I don’t think it’s safe to be carrying a flam —


    Anyway, I’ll try out the chapter thing and check out the new rules. Sorry for my absence, everyone! I feel so irresponsible…

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