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Important News!

Summary: Hey everyone! It’s Fowlie and WE here, with a few announcements. Make sure to read carefully, because there’s a lot […]

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Hey everyone! It’s Fowlie and WE here, with a few announcements. Make sure to read carefully, because there’s a lot of important information you need to know. 😀

We’ve noticed that people are creating joint accounts, and to prevent impersonation, we have decided that all accounts must be approved through us. 😀 If you make an account without our express permission, we will not accept any stories from it.

Speaking of which, you CANNOT comment under your joint account… editing your response to other comments is accepted, but you cannot post a comment. These joint accounts represent two people, and we don’t want any fights. You may only have ONE joint account. So, choose wisely. It’s like marriage. You don’t want to end up with — Ok, I’m sorry. XD. But really, only one joint account per person.

For those of you who have already created an account with another user, or wish to create a joint account, please fill out the form below, and email it to We will reply with an approval. This entire procedure is to prevent impersonation.

Usernames: (We need your DISPLAY NAME, as well as the name you use to log in with.)
Emails: (Of both users involved.)
Joint account username:

Remember, both users MUST be on board with this…

We would also like to remind you all to categorize your fics. We don’t appreciate the uncategorized fics because they’re confusing and disorganized. Yes, that means you, Snookie. And writers, if you think about it, an uncategorized fic will be hard to find. This means less readers and less reviews, and I’m sure that you all love readers and reviews ;). Just some motivation for you folks.

We’re also sad to say that there have been a few… spammers. This is just a reminder not to post spam on the site. That includes short, pointless comments saying things like, “Hiiiiiii” or just submitting random gibberish. For a complete guide to commenting properly, click here.

A lot of you have also been editing your responses into the comments on your fics. We’re totally fine with that, but we have decided that an official editor will use a combination of bolding and italicizing their notes and reminders. No other user is allowed to use this combination, as the newbies will get confused. The only current active editors are FowlStar and wrr0rzxpurrt, as well as Artificial Asian, but she’s semi-retired on FF (most of you have probably never heard of her).

Also (fourth “also” we’ve said. Wow, what a long announcement, promise we won’t be too long in the future. XD)! We have two new categories for you to post in. The Chatroom Fics category, and the Letters to the Characters category. If you have a fic/story like that, please categorize it properly into the new categories.

And last but not least (*the small crowd of people remaining at FF groans*), scores for the Challenge of the Appellations will be released in about two weeks, estimated. 😀 We can’t wait to announce who won! A big thank you to all those who entered (Even though it means judging will take longer XD), and to our judges, AA and Fowlie! 😀 *claps* (Thanking ourselves… so modest XD Yes, we are. ;))

Which leads me to the big announcement! Another challenge! :O *another groan*

Random person in crowd: GIVE US A BREAK!

This time, it’s all about getting into the spooky Halloween spirit! More details will emerge soon, but know this, you might have to get your rhyming dictionaries out for this one! 😉 It will begin on the fifth, and end on the scariest of all nights, Halloween! 😀 We hope we get twice as many entries (*SNORT* ~Fowlie)(Which will mean that it will take twice the amount of time for judging! ;)) as we did for the Challenge. 😀

Anyway, that’s it. We’ll both shut up now and let you get back to your fics. 😀

Thanks for reading! (We know that it was probably a pain! XD)

~WE and Fowlie (Your favorite editors — ‘cause you only got two! ;))

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  1. Who has been creating joint accounts?

    A few people, we’ve noticed. 😉 ~Fowlie

  2. Ok, will do. Can’t wait to do the Halloween Challenge!

  3. Fowlfan4ever/Evie October 6th, 2011 at 12:47 am 3

    me too! thanks for the Info. yeah AA seems to have gone….. poof! FOwlie would you do me a favor and E-mail me when you the stuff for the Halloween thing? its okay if you can’t but sometimes i have trouble finding these thigs….

  4. Does it HAVE to rhyme? Or can it be in free-style form, like how I wrote “Rise”?
    Link for Rise:

    Be patient, Snookie! ~Fowlie

  5. Beckett Simpleton October 9th, 2011 at 10:19 pm 5

    wow you guys really moved up in the world huh? Hay my e-sis FowlStar! And WE! It’s been a while! Joint accounts? Hmm? Seems like a bit of a pain the the back end to me, but that’s because I’m disorganised. 😛

    BECKETT! *TACKLE HUGGLE* ‘Ahem. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! How are you, what’s up? :O ~ Fowlie

    *invades comment that was already invaded by FS* ‘Ey, buddy! Ah, missed you so much! I think MB here started the joint accounts, but a lot of people want them. I fly solo, though. *collides with tree* And that’s why. Can’t be taking down others with me, XD. ~WE

  6. *clears throat from back of small crowd of remaining FGers* Uh, guys? EDITORS??? That’s awesome, but…HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN GONE??? *cowers in fear of frightening changes*

    This is a verrrry enlightening announcement. Joint accounts, new categories (which, by the way, were much needed), and spammers have not been obliterated from the FG world! WE, I seem to remember you having a particular hatred for spam… Anywho *snaps salute* good to hear again from peeps I can recognize! (No offense to newbies and new-er-bies, I luvs y’all too! 😀 )

    *epic glomp* ENHA! I’ve missed you and your ferocious can-cans ^^ Nice to finally have you back! ~WE

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