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I’m Leaving

Summary: … … … GOTCHA!!! 🙂   Okay, I also have a point. Kinda. I was just making a new chapter […]

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Okay, I also have a point. Kinda. I was just making a new chapter for “There, Right There!”, when I noticed that I keep using the same people all over. But, there is a reason: I don’t know who is here now, who cares if they’re in, who’d be right for what part ect, ect. So, could people fill me in on this?

Here/Not Here
Want To be In/Don’t Care/Don’t Want To Be In (if that’s the case, don’t even bother filling this in)
Odd Facts (as many as you want)
Brief Physical Description

Thanks a bunch, guys 😉

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  1. *seriously contemplates strangling TWS*
    You– You– GAAH! Don’t DO THAT!

    *grumbles under breath* Fine. It’d be nice to be in, but if you have the entire site clambering over you and yelling at you WHY are they not in, then I don’t mind not being in either. I’ll read it either way.

    Odd Facts? Uh… I dunno 😕 I’m bad at coming up with things off the top of my head…

    I is a girl… I is five feet tall and eight inches… I is having blue-gray eyes and auburn-ish hair… kk?

  2. wow! You almost got me there! Ok well of course I am here,I DO want to be in some stories,I am a female and here r some odd facts. I have a brother,I love to make my own clothes and want to be a fashion designer,I read lots,I play softball,I love to draw,and I have a crush on Arty! and I have brown short hair,very short,gray eyes and slightly big pointy ears!

  3. AHHHHH! TWS!!! Don’t DO that!!! Geeze! 😕 You scared the peanut butter outta me!!! 🙁

    AnYwAyS, of course I’d LiKe to be in, but you don’t have to PuT me in. 😀 I’m sure tons of people are already screaming at you because they aren’t in, and I don’t really mind either way. I’d read it all the same. 😀 But if you choose not to put me in, at least remember that i’m around. 🙂

    But if you DO put me in, I’ll fill this out for ya;

    I’m always HeRe!
    Aww, of course I wanna be in!
    Well… I’m basically a geek. And I enjoy waving erratically at random people. I frequently say off topic things, which usually results in laugh attacks during class. I play bass and guitar, and I love the word “spaz.” But I don’t use it the way you might think. I love Ranger’s Apprentice, and I talk to myself. Plus, I enjoy random,. awkward things/moments. XD
    Taller than average, average weight. Red, shoulder length hair, blue eyes, tee shirt, jeans, no shoes, silver oakleaf on a chain around my neck, brown square glasses, and I alternate between a black Sith cloak and a mottled, green/gray Ranger cloak. 😉 I fight with a recurve bow…. Never without it. 🙂


  4. Um, me i suppose?

    i am 5 feet exactly and have wavy black hair.
    I love jeans and try to make other people love them as well. from time to time i write random sentences and stick them up on walls (i love tape!)

    is that enough??

  5. Perfect, thank you.


    Battery, if we ever meet IRL, remind me not to remind you of this.

  6. My gosh! You gave me a heartache. Hold on, let me get my air back. *breath,Al,breath*
    Name: Al, but if you don’t like that Fayre is fine
    Clothes: Slytherin Converse with skinny jeans and my Draco Malfoy t-shirt. And chunky sunglasses.
    If not that, then Im wearing a skirt, a button-up shirt, and my Ravenclaw tie.
    I’m 5 ft. 6. Ginger hair that is really thick. Hazel eyes. Black eyeliner and mascara. Thin and lanky.
    Personality: uncoordinated. Open-minded (often so much so that I am gullible), shy but once I get to you I open up, I like music (mostly Foo Fighters, RHCP, Kings of Leon, AAR), and is totally on the dark side because they have cookies and fun/crazy people like Bellatrix. 😀
    Odd fact: I paint my nails when Im stressed…
    I think that’s enough. If I think of any other important facts, I’ll let ya know. 🙂

  7. No problem, I just fixed the post when you said “it’s not showing up”. I’ll get rid of the others, kay?

  8. Ok. Thnx. 🙂 I 4got something though, I like to listen to Swish and Flick as well. Yeah, that’s an important one. I listen to them A LOT. 🙂

  9. Gaaaah! You almost gave me a heart attack!
    I’m Here
    Want To be In
    Odd Facts: I like my socks.
    I like chocolate.
    I can do a cartwheel, a round off and a handstand.
    i like random outbursts of randomness.
    I’m a ninja.
    Brief Physical Description: I have brown hair with blonde and blue streaks, ivory skin and blue eyes. My lips are in between red and pink. I’m not skinny, not fat, but I’m medium. I wear glasses. And all my clothes are really dark colours.

  10. Holy simoly! You just about gave me a heart-attack!
    Anyhoo, could I make a cameo apperance or something similar?

    Name: Elsa
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Personality: When I’m on my meds, I’m shy and serious; however, when I’m not, I’m extremely loopy and bubbly.

  11. OH FROND, TWS!!! You just gave me a mini heart attack!!! On other news, I would love to be in your story. And I am here. Or somewhere. Or floating in space.

    Name – Amilia “Silver” Black
    Eye Color – Lightning Blue
    Hair Color – Silver/Sparkly White
    Personality – Calm, controlled, but ready to attack and kill. Loyal, but sometimes very angry.
    Odd Facts –
    1. I like places where I can hide from the world. Gardens in particular.
    2. I am a werewolf. The old fashioned kind, not that Twilight version.
    3. I am a girl, but i dress in boy’s clothes, like aviator jackets.
    4. I wear a dog chain around my neck at all tines. Normally it has a silver oak-leaf on it instead of an I.D tag.

  12. Oh My Glue, TWS! Don’t do that! Anyway, if it’s okay, I’d like to be in your story. Heres my description-Very dark hair with hints of gold and bronze, dark complextion, chocalate eyes that say everything about me, I wear the light blue outfit that Ciel wears from Kuuroshitsuji and If not that, Hogwarts robes. I am 5′ 1″ and I am average sized for a twelve year old. I despise exercise unless it involves running for short lengthes of time and I love to read. I suck at math but am good in literature when I try, I have a crush on Arty, Ciel, Sebastian Michaelis and teh dude who plays Rodrick in the diary of a wimpy kid movie. I hate Twilight and I am generally happy go lucky. I don’t hate a single person on the entire planet and I feel bad for Opal and Voldemort sometimes. My fav band is mindless self indulgencee.

  13. That. Scared. Me. Half. To. Death. If you do that, this site will lose all hope and all it’s…erm…flame. So don’t do that. 🙁 you scared me. seriously dude.

    Want To be In
    Odd Facts I am…erm…Odd? Well, I can’t bear having cheese and vegetables in the same plate. No matter what it is. Not even onions. Other than that, I used to eat paper when I was little, I think. o.O I don’t do that anymore. But I remembered I used to. XD
    I own a fat bunny. Named Bunny. 🙂
    Brief Physical Description between 5″9~ 6″1 I don’t remember the conversions.
    err, fair, but now not as much, cause I’ve been running more than usual. Which is sorta a lot. Black hair, brownish-black eyes. That’s about it?

    () ()

  14. Okay, okay, I’m sorry. But, really, if I said “Stop Here For a Sec, Ja?” would anyone ACTUALLY click here? *awkward shuffles* Thought not.

    @Elsa: Everyone makes a “cameo” appearence. The “joke” is that we all have meetings for the FG-FF-people, that always involves us bursting into song. Mostly musicals, but I’m sloowly branching into more rock-ish songs.

    @Artyfan: Who DOESN’T have a crush on Sebastion Michaelis?

  15. Well, what I meant to say was that I’d be content with a small part.

  16. Oh!Oh! I forgot one or two things about me.

    I am extremely short and really skinny and I am a total spaz and I love the word shoeburden! [My brother and a bunch of my classmates made it up and everyone says it! It reaplases just about any word.

    And I have braces!I always get the coolest colors!

  17. I want to be in, although it’s granted I got here rather late. 😥

    Name: Yoshi. *makes duh face*
    Status: Wants to be in, but won’t attack you (much) for not being in. 😉
    Odd Facts: I am mercurial. I switch personalities on people all the time, which freaks them out. Today I was paranoid and philosophical. I’m also a genius, in all modesty; it’s my IQ, not my ego or my attitude. 🙂
    Gender: Female. *makes another duh face*
    Brief Physical Description: I’m like a very tall cross between Artemis and Holly (not surprising, if you saw my parents). Hazel eyes, short brown-black hair. Clothing is an oversized Yoshi T-shirt, ripped jeans, grey striped hoodie. Paper katana through my belt loop. Black shoes with peaceful patterns. White origami flower pinned to my hoodie.

    That wasn’t brief, was it? Oh well.


    P.S. If you ever pull a stunt like that “I’m Leaving” crap again, I will start plotting against you. That was cruel and unusual. 👿

  18. XD I luff you guys. If I ever get a book published, on the dedication page, I mention circle of luff. The you’ll know its me. 🙂


  19. No!

    *sighs* You joker.

    I’m always here and of course I want in.

    Odd facts – You’ve actually portrayed me quite well. I rarely talk around groups of people and when I do it rarely makes sense. I’m also easily distracted.

    I’m female, obviously. (Is it obvious?)

    I have short brown hair, brown eyes, I’m 5 feet 8 inches and I always wearing old jeans and tshirts that come straight out of my dads wardrobe.

    I can’t wait to read the next chapter 🙂

  20. I definately want in!!
    Um odd facts about me?
    I’m 5 foot..yeah short I know even for a 12 year old.
    I have long nearly waist long black hair (Gosh it grows quick)
    I like quoting film/book/anime characters.
    I hate chocolate…sweet stuff aint ice…spicy stuff is my fave.
    That’s why Yosh has never been able to steal my left sock..except once I think…I never wear socks at home..I only wear it out.

  21. SHOEBURDEN!!! I know it doesn’t mean anything but I love to say it! 🙂 And like CC said I wuve u guys! *Me making my eyeballs really wide and manga style!* Aren’t I adorable?

  22. Of course, PPom. You’re adorable. 😀

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