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Hey hey

Summary: Just CrazyChocolateGirl (me) checking out her preteen fan fiction and announcing random crap.

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Okay so this is CrazyChocolateGirl on here on the behalf of myself and OpalKoboiRocks. I haven’t been on this site forever! Oh god and reading our old crap was kinda painful actually since we wrote it when we were just starting fanfiction. I doubt any of you guys are actually still lurking on this site but hey, if you are and want to read more of our crap, we’re on so send us a comment or something if you want a link to our profiles. Haha, sorry about not ever updating Star Wars Meets Artemis Fowl. Buttttt, we did do a silly dramatic reading of it, and I’m putting it up on youtube, so if you wanna check that out… yeah.

I feel kinda silly going back on this site mostly cause I haven’t in like 3 years but hey, this is where everything started and it was cool to see that people liked our writing even when it wasn’t the best. Mostly, I’m surprised that we didn’t get trolled to death. The closest we got was really awesome people who tried to improve our writing.

Anyway thanks for everything.

You “peeps” rock!


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  1. 3 years ?! Oh my gosh, that’s a long time…

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