Halloween Challenge Update!

Summary: Heya, everyone! I just wanted to give you guys an update, obviously. TungstenMessiah and I will be judging the competition, […]

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Heya, everyone! I just wanted to give you guys an update, obviously.

TungstenMessiah and I will be judging the competition, and to make it even easier for you guys, we have decided to post the rubric we’re using so you guys can use it to the best of your advantage. 😀


You’re welcome. <3

Halloween Competition Rubric

Step One: Basic Requirements

1. Over 200 words. 1500 max.
2. Can be a deathfic, funny, angst, but it must be quite clear which it is.
3. Must have Halloween-related events
4. Must be emailed to the Editor’s email/my PM inbox or WE’s by Midnight Oct. 30, 12 PM EST.
5. Must be categorized as a challenge entry.
6. A poem is NOT required. Chapters MAY NOT be used, in any style or form.
7. If deemed unreadable by the judges, the fic will not proceed to the next round.
8. Prize: Permanent residence in the Featured Section, as well as a banner. Banner/Avvie by Fowlie (You better believe it, people… count yourselves lucky! 😛 ~Fowlie)
Second place: Banner, by ™. And a hearty slap on the back from ™. (Count yerselves DOUBLE lucky! XD ~TM)

Step Two: In Depth

1. Snookie is looking for good use of repetition if it is a deathfic, as well as “creativity”* and originality. On others, he wants smoothness and a well-rounded plotline. Halloween is not too important in a deathfic, but it is very important in a funny fic.
2. Bag of Potatoes is looking for continuity, strength/originality in your chosen genre, as well as a strong Halloween theme.
3. Correct grammar, minimal spelling mistakes.

“Creativity” – TungstenMessiah’s personal vocabulary, and it defines and encompasses all aspects of gore, in any outstanding/unnatural/ridiculous way.

Oh, and by the way, you ALL get a hearty slap on the back from ™. No matter what! Because ™ likes slapping!

And nothing from Fowlie. Because she’s weird like that. *struts like a boss*  ← (epic win right here!)

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8 responses to “Halloween Challenge Update!.” Join in!

  1. I fear I might go over 1500 words. But oh well, doesn’t hurt to try. ^^


    Sorry for the double comment ^^;; but can the challenge be an AU

    RASPBERRIH! *tackle huggle* ~Fowlie

  2. Sure. I go AU all the time! As long as it’s Halloween themed and fits in the rules above.

  3. GAH what’s the editor’s email? I’ve been away for so long that I think I completely forgot what anything is.

    FOWLIE~~~!!! *glomps*

    Glad you’re semi-unretired. 😉 The editor’s email is fangatheringfiction@gmail.com. 😀 I hope you turn something in, I’d be honored to read it. 😀 Oh! Reread the rules and help and how-to’s pages as well, please? There’s been tons of changes. ~Fowlie

  4. What exactly is AU?

    Alternate Universe, not cannon. Fannon or a creation of the author, if you will. It’s all on Wikipedia, if you want. ~Fowlie

  5. TungstenMessiah October 17th, 2011 at 4:21 pm 5

    Cannon. XP. Yeah, AU shoots large spheres of metal at castle walls using the combined force of exploding gunpowder and rushing air. Totally. (someone merge this with above comment pl0x? XD)

    Nu. It’s fine here. Stop annoying me, Snookie. ~Fowlie

  6. FantasyDevourer October 17th, 2011 at 11:16 pm 6

    What about time intervals?? Like if I put little stars to show a day passed, will that be counted as a chapter?

    Yes, that’s fine, as long as the entire story isn’t too drawn out, and you label each chapter with the specific time. ~Fowlie

  7. I did it! My email socks, but I did send it, Fowlie!

  8. FantasyDevourer October 26th, 2011 at 3:22 am 8

    I’m almost done!! YES!!! But I think I might go over the limit…ah well. The delete button will have a purpose.

    It’s a very loose definition, give or take 1500, so don’t worry about it. But it MUST be over 200 words. Otherwise, it’s not eligible for the comp. 😉 Good luck! ~Fowlie

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