Greetings, True Believers and Newcomers alike,

Summary: I welcome you all. I am Artymon. This site’s undeclare and unnominated Insanitor. Infact, I was waaay too insane for […]

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I welcome you all. I am Artymon. This site’s undeclare and unnominated Insanitor. Infact, I was waaay too insane for the main forum that I have been banished from there. So here I am, back vhere it all began. But keep it quiet, aye? Dem mods doth not likey me. Vhich is vhy I’m here to stay >:)

My stories are usually tales of crossovers and out of mind adventures (to define out of mind: out of their minds, out of character 😀 )

Currently, I have two story ideas- a Terminator crossover type thing, and a story with Minerva making an surprising alliance with an obnoxious Opal.

And I also desire to finish up the What if…? Saga.

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  1. I think I have heard of you….

  2. Egggcellent. Madam, zis is just ze beginning. You will learn ze name of /\rtymon und it shall strike a chord vithin all of you!

  3. Artymon! 😀 It’s great to see you here! I know you used to be on here, but I wasn’t here for that, so it’s awesome to see you back. And don’t make it sound like all the mods hate you, cuz all of us don’t. 😛

    Anywayy, couldja please delete your old announcements? 😉 I could do it for ya if you want, but it’d be nice if you could . . .

    Anyway, welcome back! 🙂

  4. Thank you, m’dear. Lol, nah, just the two green vuns 😀

    And sure thing AA. Though it makes moi sad 🙁
    But you’re a decent sort of mod.

  5. Why are your y’s v’s?? It’s random. But cool. 😀
    I remember you, vaguely, in a little corner of my mind called ‘random people who I have to remember.’ Welcome back. =)=)=)=)

  6. Partyonsoccerfan, MCR fanatic! September 20th, 2010 at 11:42 am 6

    Oh my! Well, back when I was a newbie,here, I was told of Artymon’s insaneness XD ! Well, welcome back!

  7. Artymon! The infamous Artymon! You’re coming back! And I thought our insane-o-meter needed a little push in the right direction… 😀


    Want sugar?

  9. *gasp* ARTYMON RETURNS! Shield your eyes from the insanity lest it burns them from their sockest!
    I was banned from the forums, too. Because of my conniving sis. >:^( Welcome, and pleas share the secret of your insanity with me. 😈

  10. Beckett Simpleton September 20th, 2010 at 6:14 pm 10

    HF, it’s not random, he’s pertending to be German, if you read it aloud, like this:

    Velcome back /\rtymon. I have seen vou avound ze forums and vou have been raver inactive. I always vondered vhy…

  11. I’ve heard of you! I thought you were one of the people that kinda disappeared… They’re all coming back… I’m surrounded… And a newbie. Welcome back!!

  12. Hey, that’s true they are coming back! Awesome!!!! I shall toss a welcome back cupcake at your face. In the friendliest of ways, of coures. 🙂

    *tosses cupcake*

  13. Hey, welcome back to Fanfiction!

    You might not remember me, but we went on a joust and got kicked off the shoutbox AND the Other forum :D.
    Happy days.

  14. BS:And pretending to be German is totally normal, of course. =)=)=)
    What is the forum that everyone’s been kicked off?? I’m going to join. =)

  15. *sighs* You do know I hide here from time to time? Just don’t noze at my stories.

  16. I hide here ALL the time, as this is one of the prcecious few places on Earth or cyberspace where being crazy is practically mandatory. XD

  17. Wb to AFFF Artymon. You know K12 posted a really sweet leaving notice for you on FG…you’re missed by many but i guess being on here makes up for it right?

    Well anyway…enjoy 😀 Can’t wait to read ur fics again

  18. Duck With No Name September 23rd, 2010 at 9:23 pm 18

    Yay! 😀 I don’t think that I was on here when you were but I was definitely around in FG! 😀 I really can’t wait to read your stories! 😀 *is excited* Und ich spreche auch Deutsch. 😉 (Although I’m not sure if I put the auch in the right place or not… :s)

  19. I think I remember you, although you may not remember/know me. Good to see the site returning to its awesomeness

  20. Welcome back, Artymon! 😀 Its Crazy Chick here, jst in case you… ya know… were wondering. XD Welcome back! 🙂


  21. CC, why’d you change your name?? I don’t like it. =(

  22. You’re BACK? Oh dear. It’s been, what, three years?

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