FanFiction Glitches, Commenting, Etc. Announcement

Summary: Some announcements about the FanGathering FanFiction site. Who has been having the update problem?

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Hey people of FanGathering’s FanFiction section!

A few things I would like to address to you all:

•There’s been glitches in the site’s WordPress system. It’s alright, we know about it.
-The update problem: MichaelM, the creator of our site, has been told about the problem and he responded by telling us that it’s the browser you are using. Maybe try to get a more efficient one? Here are some browser links if you are interested. Google Crome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari(Apple), Opera. They may help you. I – myself, use Google Chrome and the update works on it. Just say’n. Who’s having the update problem? Tell me in the comments, I really would like to know. You don’t have to but it would help me get an estimated number of people who are having the issue.

•There was a problem with a story. It had been staying in the new category for quite some some. I found out how to fix it and did so.  :]

•Comments… I’ve been seeing a few off topic comments that are a tad in the personal conversation category. Here’s a reminder link for a proper commenting format.

Thanks! I thought I should let you guys know about the technical issues with our system. 🙂

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7 responses to “FanFiction Glitches, Commenting, Etc. Announcement.” Join in!

  1. Thanks for posting this, but I cannot download a new browser until I get a new computer, which may be a while. :L I have got Google Chrome though… 😀 It’s really slow (BTW Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t work — I have it) but I suppose I could try… I’ll check now 😀 Yeah MiM said to me that I need to IE9… I won’t be able to get it though… But I PM’ed Mike, hell yeah 😛

    On Google Chrome now, it works! Yay! No need to bug editors to do updating for me! 😀

  2. Multiple things:
    1. I have had glitches since In joined at the end of June, and have fought enough with customer service already (curse Mac and Sony music.)
    2. I cannot change my browser because this is the family comupter and my mom would hate me, my dad would kill me, and all my little brother’s lego men would butcher my soul.
    3. Thank you for fixing that story thing.
    4. Sorry, I am always off topic, I’ll try to do better. It doesn’t help that I have a class almost every day with the 3 most off topic people I know.

  3. Absent_Minded_Professor September 21st, 2012 at 10:14 pm 3

    That’s me, isn’t it . . . Gah! I’m sorry! I will try to stay on topic.
    As f

  4. Yes, as Bri told you, we have Google Chrome, what he din’t tell you is that it’s soooooo slow and messes up the computer for days.
    So that’s not possible.
    I cannot update and when I click on something I have to refresh the page to actually get on it.
    I’m sorry, this used to be my favourite part of the site, but I see it’s selective now, only for people with certain computers.

  5. Affy, don’t be like that. Google Chrome’s so fast when you get it up! Even faster than our IE. It lets us update it. Sorry, this is kinda off-topic, but I had to say this. 🙂

  6. SilverGoddess March 5th, 2013 at 2:23 am 6

    The only problem I have is with my updates. When I publish or update from my phone, it works just fine, but if I use an actual computer/ laptop, even the ones with Google Chrome(laptop), my update and save draft buttons simply don’t appear. What I usually have to do is let it auto save from the computer, the restore and publish it from my phone. If you know what the problem is, can you email me? I assume as a editor you can find it on my account, or if not, I have seen emails tacked on next to comments when I view them under my profile.

    Email sent.

  7. the huntress (or tress) May 14th, 2013 at 8:09 pm 7

    Don’t know if you’re still here, Amber, but there’s some spamming goin’ on… Don’t know if it’s much to worry bout, but every time I accidentally open spam, it crashes my computer. I haven’t touched the ones posted here.(as of now- 5/14/2013)

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