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Summary: I need people for a fan fic

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Hello, as you know my name is That Chick or That Chick2. The story is a musical/meet the fans type thing. I would love if any one would like to join. Yes, I will allow one girl as a love interest for Artemis. Lollipops for anyone that read this far!



Appearance :


Weapon (If any):

Power (If any):

Love Interest:

Song (Must):


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13 responses to “Fan Fic.” Join in!

  1. Name: Amber Root

    Age: 12(If you put me as a kid.) or 40(If you make me an adult, I prefer her to be with Butler and he would never be with a 12 year old so ya see why I put two ages? x3)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Long brown hair, down to butt. Red lond sleve shrit, black skinny jeans. Knee hight black heeled boots(the jeans go into the boots.). Deep blue eyes. Black glasses. A blue diamond on her right ankle.

    Personality: Outgoing all the way~! Shes the type of person who loves, loves loves Butler. Fun and sweet. A fighting type. Oh and a major smart alak. xD

    Weapon (If any): ^Her hands. If she gets mad she takes her shoe off- You get the idea.

    Power (If any): Nope, just teh power of love.

    Love Interest: Butler. Butler. Butler. Flat out Butler all the way~! Oh and old music like Queen and Bon Jovi. :3 With a little browdway.

    Song (Must): Somebody to Love – Queen. ( Can you make her sing it to Butler? *Cute Face* I would be internally greatful. xD )

  2. Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance : Blue eyes, black hair. Blue shirt, jeans.

    Personality: She’s very random and wants to help “save the world”. Protests a lot, likes to plot against anti-environmental-friendly organizations. Hates Minerva with a deep fiery passion

    Weapon (If any): She has a dagger that she carries every. And Butler taught her some self defense.

    Power (If any): Um. Can yell really loud when she wants to?

    Love Interest: ARTY. <333

    Song (Must): Crazy for you – Adele (<– Can I change this later?)

  3. Shattered Sparks February 4th, 2012 at 10:56 pm 3

    Name: Well, SS, Shattered, Sparky if you want to annoy her…

    Age: 15 years old.

    Gender: Female. We’re all fangirls here, at the moment 😉

    I disagree. There’s Immy, TM, (I suspect) imfowltothebone, P5YCHIC… and, well, I don’t consider myself a fangirl. Pssht. ~WE

    Appearance : About chin-length light golden-brown/dirty blonde hair. Crystal blue/grey eyes. Pale skin, about five two/five three in heels. Otherwise? Like five feet… Usually in dark jeans, scruffy tennis shoes, and a simowhat fitted t-shirt. Usually blue. Even though her favorite color’s green.

    Personality: All over the place. She’s depressed one day, extra-happy the next. It’s weird.

    Weapon (If any): Words, logic…? And a gun. If need be.

    Power (If any): Words, logic…?

    Love Interest: EVen though he TOTALLY belongs with Holly, Trouble Kelp.

    Song (Must): Let it Burn, by Red.

  4. Age: 13

    Gender: Girl

    Appearance: Long, white hair down to her ankles that often gets in people’s faces. Icy blue eyes, wears a sparkly silver shirt and black skinny jeans.

    Personality: Enthusiastic and bold, and often random. Loud. XD

    Weapon (If any): A long, pure ebony polo mallet that she whacks people with.

    Power (If any): Mind reading

    Love Interest: None

    Song (Must): 99 Red Balloons by Nena

  5. (^Omg I <3 that song)

    Name: Affy

    Age: 12

    Gender: Girl

    Appearance: Short blonde hair and startling green eyes. Normally wears a green t-shirt and jeans.

    Personality: Loves fighting, water and humour. Is quite quiet.

    Weapon (If any): A cool green sword called Cogris.

    Power (If any): Water powers.

    Love Interest: None.

    Song (Must): Robert De Nero's waiting by Bannanarama.

  6. Absent_Minded_Professor February 5th, 2012 at 12:01 am 6

    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long light brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, glasses, about five foot two, tannish skin, wears jeans and a…well…shirt… most of the time (ABSOLUTELY NO DRESSES!* OR PINK!)
    Personality: dreamy in a head-in-the-clouds sort of way, smart, responsible, outdoorsy, cannot draw for her life, ridiculously absent-minded, a realist (not pessimist, mind you), and headstrong
    Weapon: A large, heavy stick. Or else a pocket knife.
    Power: Divinity
    Love Interest:none really, but either Trouble or Arty
    Song: um… Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
    *unless absolutely necessary

  7. Age: 15


    Appearance :Short black hair with red in it, red eyes (Kinda like fire) and pale skin, normal height. wares a red tank and dark genes, and has a dark denim jacket. (If she gets wet her eyes turn black)

    Personality: Smart, she tries to think things out first, she is not quick to trust people and would rather be away from them so she can do what she deems more important (like hacking computers). when she does have a close friend she will do anything in her power to protect them. (when it comes to getting back at someone she is kinda evil)

    Weapon (If any):a dagger

    Power (If any):can create and control fire. and under stand how things work like computers/computer programs(mostly so she can hack them)

    Love Interest:Artemis or Foaly

    Song (Must): Better than Revenge by Taylor Swift… or Gun powder and lead by Miranda Lambert.

  8. the huntress (or tress) February 5th, 2012 at 2:29 am 8

    Age: 16


    Appearance : Short, spiky black hair, DARK mascara, pale skin, leather jacket, gray skinny jeans and clunky boots. Ice blue eyes

    Personality: Looks like a creepy person, but is actually a vivacious, out going- party loving girl. Though has a steel hard side- she’ll hurt anyone who hurs her loved ones. Seems generallly inocent, but has an array of skills friends don’t see- aka hacking, fighting, military/ national security intell knowledge,the one with all the sources everywhere. Sometimes known to be bi-polar.

    Weapon (If any): bow, multiple knives hidden everywhere, Taurus Judge ( XD love that gun!!!!)

    Power (If any): Controls minds, CRRREEEEPPPYY!!!!!!!

    Love Interest: generally closed off, young loved died violent death. NO known relationships afterwards.

    Song (Must): Rock what you got- Superchick

  9. Name Gabi (aka fireball)

    Age 13

    Gender female….. Duhhhh

    Appearance long black curls kept in a braid deep blue eyes a shade lighter than the night sky, tall athletic build,trademark leather jacket,electric blue hand drawn high tops,highlights that look like fire with a few stray electric blues

    Personality. Sarcastic and witty, acts tough most of the time but has a soft spot for her friends and family who if they are ever hurt she defends, is tough not mean most of the time energetic funny and bubbly. Super smart and good with electronics. Really really bad***

    Weapon. Uhhhh what’s next to her

    Powers. Totes wants mind control and fire power soo awesome

    Love interest. Artemis (don’t tell him)

    Song. Fences by paramore or I write sins to tragedies

  10. Age: 22
    Appearance: 5 foot 3 light brown hair cut boy short, spiked in the back covering one eye. Sexy midnight blue leather suit. Tall black high-heeled leather boots and violet eyes.
    Personality:Fun, out going, but kicking, crazy,
    Weapon:double ended spear
    Power: shape shiftier
    Lover:Holly Short
    Song:I Kissed A Girl

  11. Since you asked 🙂

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance : Blue-ish grey-ish green-ish eyes, reddish brownish hair, 5’8″

    Personality: Quiet most of the time, nice most of the time. Can see humor in just about anything.

    Weapon (If any): My old weapon around these parts used to be Sting, from LotR 🙂 I dunno if you guys do that whole thing anymore, but yeah.

    Power (If any): Nuffin.

    Love Interest: No one from this fandom XD

    Song (Must): No Roads Left – Linkin Park … or I Can’t Decide by The Scissor Sisters if you need a lighter one x)

  12. Age:16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pale skin, green eyes, white hair, Evanescence tee, jeans, fingerless gloves, black converse
    Personality: Quiet and thoughtful until you make her mad. Then she kills you. Also, she mocks because she cares.
    Weapon: Necro dagger
    Power: Necro (Necromancer)
    Love Interest: Artemis and Fang
    Song: I’m With You by Avril Lavigne

  13. In case you need the short psychopath…

    Name: Short

    Age: 14(can appear different ages though, thanks to magic)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: brown hair(bleached at the tips), usually in a French-braid to the side, or just down. Dark red glasses. 5′ tall. Braces. Sometimes appears with dark dog ears instead of human ears. Black t-shirt with the Slenderman symbol(this: ) on it. Dark jeans. Black sneakers.

    Personality: Friendly to strangers and acquaintances. Sarcastic around friends and enemies. Loyal to friends and allies. A bit on the random side. Somewhat insane. Will rip out your throat if given a reason.

    Weapon (If any): A wooden spoon titled “Saji”, a bazooka that fires tuna.

    Power (If any): Master of disguise. Can use magic to change her age.

    Love Interest: hmm.. uhm.. If the twins were older, I’d say Beckett, but because they’re not… I’m gonna go with..uhm.. no one?

    Song (Must): Either “Castle in the Sky” by DJ Satomi, or “I’m Gay” by Bowling For Soup.

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