DUN DUNDUNDUUUUN…Marshmellow Peep has…

Summary: …Combusted …Been Electrocuted/tasered …Had a lapse in judgment …Eaten a marshmellow buddy …Fallen into a pit …Decided to become a […]

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…Been Electrocuted/tasered

…Had a lapse in judgment

…Eaten a marshmellow buddy

…Fallen into a pit

…Decided to become a pie

…Licked a cat

…Sucked a lemon

…[add somewhat humourous action]


Ahh if only. I have momentarily…and I mean momentarily…returned, but only because I wanted to do some more writing for a brand-spanking-NEW fiction I’m doing. I know I haven’t been on in I think 1-2 months but I shall be back in my half-term holidays, which are in 2 weeks-ish,ย because right now my GCSE’s are giving me a lot of grief. Once I’m back, WE look out because my comments will probably surpass the length of your comments…so BE WARNED ๐Ÿ˜€

However, what I’m writing about now is that I have a new fiction that will require the assisstance of 5 volunteers to become my puppets to do my fictional bidding…and maybe one other but we’ll see if that’s popular or not.

So here is my proposition, I will need 5 people (and one more if i can) to give me as much info as is possible on a character of their choosing, or they may base it on themselves in this sort of format:

NAME(erm a plausible name is best as it’s not in fandom world):


APPEARANCE (this should be as detailed as you can get):



ELEMENT(this is between fire, water, air, earth, musicality-which is an interpretation for ethereal):

WEAPON OR PREFERRED METHOD OF KILLING/ATTACK(this is because your character will be killing others):

Add anymore info which you think is important or that you really want me to incorporate into the story.

I should mention that based on your element it will determine whether you are on the good or bad side as follows

Good=Water, Air, Earth

Bad=Fire, Musicality

This is not first come first serve because I have spaces for only 5+maybe 1 so I want people to have a fair chance of getting in.

If you do get in then I will pick an alternative name for an alias that you need in the story.

I’m not sure how much to give away about my story. I should mention that there will be a main character and there will be something of a villain, there will also be a snitch if anybody is willing to do that if not then I will create the character from my imagination. The snitch is the person that is the +1 from the original set of 5 and is obviously also a baddie.

I know this has been done before but I wanted to try it out and see what it was like

If there are any questions just post a comment and I’ll try to answer…hopefully ๐Ÿ˜€

I really hope a lot of you do this becauseย the more people who want to be in itย then the more characters I might create.

Please comment and I’ll continue my distribution of GRAPES *wink wink* or my freshly stocked GRAPE JUICE ๐Ÿ˜€



…by the way, please don’t attack me for sort of abandoning you guys for so long,ย blame controlled assessments and school in general. GRAPE?

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17 responses to “DUN DUNDUNDUUUUN…Marshmellow Peep has….” Join in!

  1. Finally! Someone who writes comments that’re OVER FIVE WORDS. Amazing! Could it be true? Anyway… I better start lengthening my comments. Ah, shucks. Don’t really care that much anyway, as long as my comments are still helpful enough for people to not hate me and such.

    Well, I enter in everything, so this is obviously no different.
    Name: Nemesis. This is the first time I’m using it, but I feel like it today so…
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Well, Imma go with what I look like in real life (if you see me in real life, then you could probably start stalking me… that detailed) Black hair that goes halfway down back, cut in layers. Dark, dark, dark brown eyes. Unevenly tanned skin. Silvery glasses, usually crooked or unpolished. Attire is simple; usually just a random t-shirt, jacket, and a pair of jeans coupled with sneakers. Go wild with the colors, long as I don’t have pink on. 5’4”, skinny with practically no muscle. Walks with an odd gait, has bad balance and a total klutz.
    Personality: Well, I freak out about things that I believe in, like animal cruelty, global warming, peace, cursing (even to minor degrees), and underappreciated works of genius. The stupid thing is I’m violent about it. (“WHY CAN’T STUPID HUMANS JUST GET ALONG WITH THEIR OWN INCOMPETENT KIND!”) In cases of cursing, a slap to the arm for friends and a back pound (so hard that my own fist experiences more pain than I induce) to those who aren’t friends. Other than that, I’m distracted and (as said above) a total klutz. My friends have all claimed that I have ADHD and I’m too violent. I have a variety of voices I enjoy using, usually with a creepy tone just to get on someone’s nerves, and an evil cackle that really doesn’t suit my looks. Peppy and cheerful, but can also be moody and (foreverly) IMPATIENT. Quick, to the point, and NOT sappy. I’ll look at a fluffy fanfic, admit it was “cute”, but it’s not my style. Lazy but good-natured. Hope that was good enough.
    Flaws: distracted easily, not stealthy, not strong, couldn’t throw/run/shoot/a lot of other stuff for my life. Forgetful of many things… including important things.
    Element: Well, I was thinking about musicality, because it seems the most unique, but being the person I am, I want to go AGAINST all sterotypes, be named Nemesis, and a PROTAGONIST. So… water it is.
    Weapon/Preferred blahblahblah: Just give me night vision and the ability to sheath/unsheath my fingernails as claws. I’ll fight that way, if need be.
    Anything else: Gestures a lot with hands and (another stereotype breaking thing) is a horrible swimmer. XD

    Yeah… that was perhaps one of the longest comments I’ve ever done! Be grateful. I spent a long time wording this, trying to describe myself and whatnot. Do what you may with this.

    WE, OUT

    P.S. I was proud when you mentioned me in your announcement. Someone remembers!

  2. Yeah, I love long comments. I should put more effort into mine.
    This sounds fun, let me try!
    NAME: Masai
    AGE: 19.
    APPEARANCE: Long blond curly hair, grey-blue eyes, rosy cheeks, otherwise pale skin, 5’4″ (GO 5’4″ers!!!), very fit (so not exactly thin), glasses, frown line between eyes, clothes usually jeans and a cute fitted blue shirt with joggers or bare feet, I like to arch one eyebrow at people. Stealthy and strong.
    PERSONALITY: I don’t like to talk too much except with close friends or when I’m debating, which I love to do. I’m sarcastic but try not to actually hurt feelings. I smile a lot and have a dry sense of humour, but I also like to be pessimistic to get on people’s nerves. Willing to do stuff others don’t want to do (e.g. washing dishes). I like to advise people but am not big on being the top leader.
    FLAWS: Yeah, I’m sarcastic sometimes and get too easily annoyed at sappy stuff. I’m not terribly good at expressing my feelings, even though I feel things deeply. I’m a TERRIBLE morning person. Just unbearable.
    ELEMENT: What can I say? I’d prefer to be a good guy, and I like the sound of Earth. You know, down-to-earth? Whatever, there you have it.
    WEAPON ETC.: Thing is, I don’t like killing. I have a special gun that allows me to suck the life out of somebody and put it in a holding cell in something earthy (like a tree) until I can capture their body and put the life back in. I can also stun people with this gun. It can only be recharged by me doing some vigorous physical exercise such as push-ups, climbing a tree, doing the cancan ๐Ÿ™‚ , and so on. This is to prevent other people taking advantage of it. If the gun fails, I like to stalk people(especially by tree-climbing) and wrestle them down.
    OTHER: Favourite expression of surprise/disgust/annoyance is kwanee (said KWAH-nee). I also like to rough it in the wilderness.
    Okay, that’s all!


  3. Yeah, I love long comments. I should give mine more effort.
    This sounds fun, let me try it!
    NAME: Masai (I’m female)
    AGE: 19
    APPEARANCE: Long-ish curly blond hair, grey-blue eyes, rosy cheeks but mostly pale skin, 5’4″ (GO 5’4″ers!!!), very fit (so not exactly thin), stealthy and strong. I mostly wear jeans with cute fitted blue shirts and joggers or bare feet.
    PERSONALITY: I don’t to talk very much except with my close friends or when I’m debating (I’m intellectual). I like to offer advice but I’m not the big leader type. I’m pretty sarcastic but not to intentionally hurt feelings; I’m a kind person who gets very attached to select people and is very loyal. I have a dry sense of humour (particularly about danger) and like to point out pessimistic stuff just to get on people’s nerves. I don’t mind doing the dangerous, annoying things other people don’t like doing (e.g. washing dishes, climbing sheer cliffs). Love the wilderness/roughing it.
    FLAWS: I’m a TERRIBLE morning person. Simply unbearable. I’m not good with expressing emotion even though I feel things deeply. I will sometimes make snide comments without realizing I’ve just insulted someone.
    ELEMENT: I admit, I’d prefer to be a good guy, so Earth. Fits my personality.
    WEAPONS ETC.: Not going to lie, I hate killing. So I’ve developed a gun that lets me suck the life out of people and store it in something earthy (like a tree) until I can capture their body and return the life. I incapacitate them and they don’t die. Win-win. This gun can only be charged up by me doing some strenuous exercise such as push-ups, tree-climbing, the cancan ๐Ÿ˜‰ , Sudoku, etc. If the gun fails, I like to stalk people (especially by climbing things) and wrestle them down.
    OTHER: My favourite expression of surprise/disgust/annoyance is kwani (said KWAH-nee).


  4. YAY this is all coming along nicely, good characters and such…by the by I have already written the prologue so as soon as I get all the characters I can submit the prologue ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh my, what if I don’t get enough people. What am I going to do?!?! Are grapes not a good enough incentive *shock*

    Also, does anybody mind if I slightly just change bits and pieces of characters to fit with the story better or do you absolutely want every bit of what you described in your character. I don’t mind, I’m fairly flexible ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Me, please???
    APPEARANCE: Long black hair, very thick and wavy. Tan-ish skin. Heart-shaped face, with a tiny nose. Short, in general. Small feet. Very thin. Black eyes. I walk with enough grace not to trip over my own feet. Not very strong, or fast for that matter… My hair is always getting in my face, and usually I don’t mind.
    PERSONALITY: I’m kind of emotional. I am totally loyal, and distrust any government. I have a good sense of humor, like to encourage people. Even in a room full of noise, I can tune everything out and just think. I am the biggest bookworm, too!
    FLAWS: I’m very impatient and EXTREMELY prideful. Very often, I act before thinking of the consequences. I am also very impatient. Very, very lazy. I cannot cook to save my life.
    ELEMENT: I want to say fire, for some reason. So, fire.
    Weapon: A pocket-axe.
    OTHER: I make funny noises when I’m surprised. “Eep!”, “Merp”, etc.

  6. YAY another person ๐Ÿ˜€ except I need 5-6 characters not 3 so I can’t really write the rest of the story without the others.

    @Ann: what do you mean by pocket axe? Also, you are remarkably similar to my friend who goes by the same name…BIZARRO ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Oooh, cool!

    NAME: Eve
    AGE: 13 (Human equivelent)
    APPEARANCE: wavy blonde hair, down to the earlobes, with eyes that change color to match to sky, about five feet tall. Usually has a dreamy expression but is fierce when annoyed. Agile with some muscles but not bodybuilder-ish. Light skin when visible.
    PERSONALITY: Very sarcastic, distrustful until she gets to know somebody, fierecly loyal, can become invisible,likes to be off the ground, so lots of tree climbing, tends to hurt herself at awkward times(on accident)
    FLAWS: Tends to get distracted, but not in battle. A bit of a procrastinator, and VERY EMOTIONAL. Overreacts to simple things, very calm with drastic events.
    ELEMENT: Air
    WEAPON: Dragger and magic. Usually to make people cease to exist. Also to cause distractions. A healer.
    OTHER: Doesn’t like to kill, tends to mainly heal her party, slightly vindictive, goes a while without showing even if hurt. Actually, she’s very shy around adults, until they make her angry.

    So, you like?

  8. Oh, I forgot. She uses hand gestures a lot, and she will MURDER you if you try to make her wear a dress.
    Bare feet at all times! Unless wearing socks with grippy soles.

  9. It’s like a pocket-knife, except it’s about the same shape and lethal-ty of an axe. I’ve several of my friends about, and they agree it’s cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And, really? Well, it is a common name. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh yeah, LEPreconGirl reminded me: I hate dresses as well. And skirts, skorts, boots, wearing my hair up (even though it’s really long. Gets in my eyes a lot. Note that, please.), and skinny jeans.

    Plus: I just had to say this, but it’s impossible to break stereotypes. There are so many stereotypes, and then there’re people who are determined to BREAK stereotypes. So then, everything becomes stereotypical because everything has been thought up of and used! SADNESS.

  11. Very true, WE. It is terribly sad.

    @ artyrox: Yeah, go ahead, change whatever you want about me. I am also flexible. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And two other people out there better make sure they comment! I’m curious about this story, which makes me hyper. *HYPER*

    *hyper-ly does hyper cancan from hyper-ness*

    Sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Oh, another thing. Sorry, but I’m really forgetful. Eve is an expert at Tae Kwon Do. She has fairy ancestry. Very spazzy, likes jokes. In a fight, she usually goes invisible and makes the leader cease to exist. Then, she blocks the escape routes. Hates kiwi for some reason, and if a boy hits on her she’ll smile then tell them to shut up. If they persist, she renders them unconscious and leaves. If you try to get her to put her hair up or wear makeup beyond waterproof mascara she will MURDER you. So, yeah. Am I allowed to design a bad guy too?

  13. oooh, this is all shaping nicely, I wish there were more but what-I-am-going-to-do-about-it, eh?

    …I only have four, *enter profanity* I don’t particularly wish to enter myself in other than a brief cameo ๐Ÿ˜€ but argh…I’ll just leave this on for a bit longer.

    I do like all the extra tidbits people are putting in, it’s good to have bits and pieces like that, makes my job easier…or harder eh. Does anybody seriously object to my tweaking characters here and there?

    @LEPrecongirl:Go ahead it’s not like I have enough anyway.

    That goes for everybody else, you can all make multiple characters. The grape doesn’t appear to be working oh well, *stares affectionately at untouched bucket of grapes beside her*

  14. Well, you can tweak mine… as long as it’s not complete obvious of what I said. I don’t want you to, say, make me a total sap who loves pink fluffy unicorns and shopping. Because even though I’ll hum to the rainbow bunchie song, and I’ll laugh at the song of Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows, I am what I am and I don’t really want to become someone TOTALLY TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

    And everyone else! SUBMIT A FORM. Don’t you guys like grapes?

  15. Yay! My “villian” is here!
    NAME: Blaze
    AGE: 10
    APPEARANCE: Red hair about earlobe length, black eyes, tanned skin, small for age (she’s been on the run, go figure), about four foot six, wears tattered jeans, a red t-shirt, brown hiking boots, has a black jacket with a hood, long sleeves, and it reaches her waist. Usually has a brown, tattered teddy bear in tow.
    PERSONALITY: Acts like an innocent child, but is very fierce when angered. Doesn’t have complete control of her fire, so can accidentally start a fire if angry or upset. She likes pink and reds, and would rather wear a dress if it wasn’t such a fire hazard. She was abandoned at birth, and was then adopted. At age four, she ran away. She really likes lollipops. Her favorite word to use if she insulted someone is burned, and likes to make little flames in the air if bored. Doesn’t fully understand the concept of death. She has an okay sense of humor, but takes things too seriously.
    FLAWS: Terrified of heights more than a hundred feet off the ground, and can only do a basic swim. Doesn’t grasp the concept of boys being nice(her adopted dad was violent), and therefore is terrified of them.
    ELEMENT: Fire
    WEAPON OR PREFERRED METHOD OF KILLING/ATTACK: What’s killing? All she does is use a rope of white hot fire to make people disappear instantly…
    EXTRA: In a fight, she will first cower, then get angry and use fire on people. Likes fluffy things, and her favorite type of food is Indian. A good tracker, but gets distracted easily. My first character, Eve, has met her once. They fought, and Eve managed to put her fire out for a week. She’s good in high heels, and can even run in them. Did I mention she has asthma? It’s not severe, just annoying.

    Thank you.

  16. Thanks but I have just realised something, all the characters need to be above the age of…erm…13-14 because of the subject of my plot, having pre-pubescent kids would make the story a little…odd. The preferable age would be above 15-16

    Also, I should mention that although I said the characters were good and bad, they don’t technically know that, they all work on the same ‘team’ but eventually the two sides become obvious.

    @LEP I like your idea though, and I can fit all the characteristics and extras into a girl older than 13, is that alright with you?

  17. Sure, having Blaze 13+ is fine! I don’t really mind. I just kinda wanted a sorta innocent character. It’s my own personal brand of insanity. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I’m looking forward to the story! Hope you get it up soon.
    Gotta go, bye!

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