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Summary: Ok, a bit like Kgerred’s, hey there is such a thing as jealousy, but this is a little different.  I […]

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Ok, a bit like Kgerred’s, hey there is such a thing as jealousy, but this is a little different.  I am accepting in this announcment either characters or plot lines…or both if you want. With characters, you can tell anything about them but have the basic guidelines.  Name, height, eye and hair color, what’s so special (Optional.  It could just be a regular person, as I am taking a whole cast.  I’ll decide how many later…) and a plotline of some sort…Which is also optional.  I’m also asking you for a plot line.  You can give me a basic outline, and I’ll work the characters in somehow.  I’ll be sure to give credit to everyone who contributes something, even if that something doesn’t get used. Please help me! 

Deadline: January 30th

I’ll start the story as soon as possible!

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  1. So you want suggestions is that it? In that case I have a character for you.
    Nahelania (pronounced: Neh-heh-l-A-nee-a)
    age: unknown
    species: pixy
    personality: a little dark and maybe unpredictable makes a lot of mistakes and is very clumsy.
    What’s so special? She is a master with all weapons.
    Other: Has a fascination with the human race.

  2. ARTY'SELFFRIEND January 17th, 2008 at 4:20 am 2

    name: Jessika Louise Tatch
    Height: 5′9″
    Weight:115 lbs
    Eyes: Gray
    Pesonality/things about her:She lives in Chicago with her dad, loves to ride her skate board on the park benches, has 2 scottie dogs named Bonnie and Clyde, has MAJOR, MAJOR crush on Artemis (Hehe, who doesn’t?), and Iggy, from Maximum Ride.
    Oh, she wears glasses, too!!!
    This is also in Extras by Jelly. She asked me if she could make her a evil fairy instead of a human and I really don’t care what you do with her, Holly!! Hope this is of use!!

  3. Name: Charlotte
    Hair:dark brown
    Eyes:crystal blue
    Personalitly:keeps things to her self, goes off in dazes, calm.
    Whats so speacial:she can cast spells (like normal witches)levitation and teleport 😛 hope thats enough 😛 😛 😛

  4. Thanks for the characters guys! I’m not getting much in the way of plot lines, but I’ll think of something!! 🙂

  5. Name:Airo
    hair:purple and blue
    eyes:changing (see special)
    height:scrawny, you could probably fit your fingers around her waist!
    personality:regular, takes everything the wrong way, like if you were joking around by making fun of her she gets revenge.
    special things: actually phenoix in disguise her eyes change colour depending on whats happening, like she can throw fireballs and dark matter (black electricity.)

    Plot line: She was born from a fire in Artemis’s oven when he was making cookies for Minerva She has to get back to the underworld to protect the dead that are constenlly coming otherwise the 2 headed dog will eat them. the only portal to the underworld was in ancient egypt so, they have to travel back there to return her. Holly dies from a disease in some tomb, so now Airo has to go to the underworld retrieve holly’s soul and try to reconnect it with her body.

  6. Name: Mattea (Mah-Tee-Ah) Broadway
    Age: 17
    Species: Elf
    Hair: Brunette
    Eyes: Brown
    About Her: She’s a genius and she’s Artemis’s girlfriend that about sums it up

  7. Oops forgot
    Height: 3 foot 2 inches

  8. Oops not 17 80

  9. Name:Jessica Noland
    Hair:Black, short, kinda curly at bottom
    Species: Elf
    Personality:varies, over all very likeable

  10. Ok, can I get some plot lines please?

  11. Okay. Holly is on a mission in London when she gets kidnapped by Captain Hook! Then, he takes her to NeverLand. Artemis has to sail there and rescue Holly before Captain Hook gats his hands on some starstuff (Celestial dust that has unimaginable power. That’s how Peter Pan can fly! For details in starstuff, read “Peter and the Starcatchers” by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.). Then, he has to help Peter Pan get the starstuff to a safe place away from Captain Hook and the Others.

    That’s all I have.

  12. end.WITH.a.BANG January 24th, 2008 at 6:17 am 13

    Name: Valentine AKA Valen AKA Val
    Age: Physically appears 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human?
    Height: 5’8″
    Eyes: His eyes are unnatural for humans (at least naturally). Valentine’s eyes are a dark crimson, but some people who know him swear that his eyes sometimes turn dark pink when he’s really happy.
    Hair color: Unlike his eyes, Valentine’s hair is more normal-looking when compared to regular humans (with un-dyed hair, of course). His hair is red, but darker than the natural red. He’s also dyed some streaks of bright red in it.
    Hairstyle: Valentine’s hair is pretty straight, but a bit messy. The back of his hair ends at the nape of his neck while the front ends are more near the top of his ears.
    Personality: Unfortunately (fortunately?), Valentine is a player. Of course, it’s not a serious case because of how dating is not always on his mind, hurray! Anyways, he still is capable of being considerate, but prefers to be selfish and sometimes greedy. However, it’s pretty easy to give him the guilt trip when you pull it off the right way. He believes in all things scientific and logical, but can be persuaded of supernatural things when given sufficient evidence (got to keep an open mind, right?). At times, he can get a bit cocky when it comes to giving love advice and a few other things.
    Special: His name is Valentine for a reason. He was blessed by the spirit of Valentine’s day and was changed appearance- and personality-wise. Along with that, Valentine is an expert in love and can cause heartbreaks, break ups, or a get together. He is skilled with a bow and arrow or throwing things accurately in general. Valentine is also capable of putting others in a state of bliss by lightly blowing in their face. This is because he released a special dust that gets in their eyes and mouth, releasing a chemical that makes them blissful.
    Plot?: Sorry, can’t think of one. 8D;;
    You are allowed to change his special-ness, age, height, and species if needed.

  13. whoa!! 8) that is ALOT of description!

  14. Ok, I think I’ve sort of decided which characters I’m going to use. Thank you all for your contributions. I’m going to use Jelly’s character, Airo, and Lil. Arty’s character, Charlotte. I’m not going to use any of the plot lines, I’ll just make one up as I go. No offense, but none of these really fit with the characters. I Loved all of them though, and thank you again! I’ll also be using Jessica Tatch. In the beginning, just for comic relief, but she’ll get another role, don’t worry.

  15. Any late entries???

  16. Name: Kayla Ruth
    height: 5’7”-5’8”
    eye: deep chocolate brown, kind eyes
    hair: highlighted blonde with layers and sidebangs
    personality: kind with a fiery temper that goes off when anyone does something bad, i’m guessing more artemis then anyone in the cast.
    plot: sorry, don’t have one at the moment… i may come up with one later today but don’t count on it

  17. YAY!!! i can’t wait! oh and if u want a minor character thnk if this one
    Hair:brown with green highlights
    eyes:no one knows, she is always wearing purple contacts
    personality: speaks with a lisp and when she does, uses as an excuse to spit on people she doesn’t like…, such as Artemis.

  18. Funny Jelly! But I think I’m going to stick for now with the characters I pointed out. If an empty space appears, I won’t hesitate to add one of these other wonderful characters. I’m so conflicted right now! I want to use so many of these, but I just have to decide. No offense to anyone else. I hope you understand that my cast has to be limited, or there will be a whole army of characters following Arty everywhere. Thank you again!

  19. PLOT:

    Problem- a genius (adult, not annoying child) hacks artemis’ computer and finds all the information on the fairies. genius creates giant machine thing to kill off the fairies so he can steal their technology and use it to take over the world(him and his older brother used to play like they were king of the world-like most little kids do-but howard took it seriously and then his brother died and he started thinking of ways to rule the world for real)
    Solution- they catch the guy and, after dramatic scene, artemis uses his genius(as ususl) to turn off the machine


    Name- Annabelle (Belle) Dunstan
    Height- about 5’3
    Age- 15
    Eye Color- wide, innocent blue green eyes that you can “get lost in”
    Hair color- naturally dirty blonde, but she dies it black
    Personality- very cynical and dark, shes gothic, bored easily, risk taker, sarcastic/satyrical
    Special/Extras- has a boyfriend whos the lead singer of a punk rock band, dances (since she was about 2 or 3), could be described as looking like a china doll,comes from a really messed up family(abused, abandoned, stuff like that), artemis likes her and in the end he leans in to kiss her and she pushes him off the bridge they’re standing on(yeah, i was gonna use this for a fanfiction i was writing, but decided against the plot and stuff, so its all your if you like it =])

  20. Name: El (short for something too difficult to procnounce. Maybe a welsh name?)
    Age: 15
    Where: Wales.
    Idea: Holly/random fairie above ground doing normal excersize in ireland. Unshields to do something (Don’t know what) El on holiday and is hiking somewhere to write a book. She sees Holly/random fairie and begins to write her book about faries with high tech equiptment and what not. Book gets published. Bulter brings book to Artemis and he’s like OMG WTH?! (but because he’s artemis he doesn’t freak out). Faries think Artemis is sellign their secrets off. They realise ow pathetic that idea is and decide to call him in to help. El taken and kept in cell in the underworld place. She’s scared. The LEP realize that the blamr for this book being published lies wiht one thier own. El’s mind is wiped and she’s sent back home. Meanwhile some person (Minerva? Actaully probobly not) finds book and something clicks in their brain. They start researching majorly and uncover the fairey secrets. He’s going to reveal fairey exsistance to all humans (Somehow i don’tknow) so its a race against time to stop him.

    Maybe the key to stopping him/her is in El’s brain, but it was wiped out when the LEP blanked her memory. The only way to find it would be for her to re descover the fairies. However finding out about something so huge right after she’s had a memory wipe would be excruciating. Faries= peaceful creatures. Even though they know it’d be the end of everything if they don’t they still can’t bring themselfs to do it so artemis does it. They get what tehy need but El’s mind is addled. She is plauged by constant and excrruciating pains thoughout her body and that sear her mind. In the end there is a mercy killing and the evil person is stopped. End of.

    lol sorry i know i rigt too much and i went into WAY too much detail there. i didn’t leave much room to menvouver within the story line there i;m really sorry! Don’t use it if yo don’t want to. i probobly wouldn’t haha


  21. wow clarie…wow….sounds….fun! lolz, then we can use*scroll up* kd’s idea and push him off a bridge for screwin with her mind instead of killing her….that way nobody dies….I dont like death:( it’s sad….lolz yeah that’s my wacked out brain for ya. Hey I just relized if they did that to me it prob wouldn’t even faze me….lols :p =) u know…cuz im so screwed up anyway….yeah…..BYE!

  22. umm… i think im 12 months 2 l8… 😀

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