Any Late Entries????

Summary: If anyone has any late entries for my Audition story please post them here!  To recap, you may post a […]

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If anyone has any late entries for my Audition story please post them here!  To recap, you may post a character, description, and/or plot line here as a comment.  Please include name, age, eye and hair color, species, what’s so special, and I really need plot lines.  Feel free to leave your characters!  Even if I don’t use them, I’ll be sure to give everyone who helped a special mention!  Thank you!

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  1. I’ll post one on the auditions page.

  2. uuuum no but I gave u a minor character just in case. (In my mind she’s kinda goth and scary!)

  3. I wanna try! ^^

    Name: Fern

    Age: 67

    Height: Three inches shorter than Holly

    Species: Elf

    Hair Color: Forest green

    Eye Color: Copper brown

    Personality: Very hyper and happy, a prnakster who has a very high temper. Prone to hit the oblect (or person) near her and acts like a 5 yr old. She also likes to blast people with the lastest Neutrino.

    What’a so special: She’s Holly’s niece and she can somehow predict the future, but only a few people know, but her is NOT one of them. When she gets a vision, she either blanks out…. or faints. She is friends with the other fairy you picked and likes the human as well…. because her aunt tells her to.

    Plotline: She goes with Foaly to meet her Aunt Holly who’d returned from Hybras. She think Arty is still a threat to the people because she saw a vision of him standing over a dead fairy’s body. She doesn’t know who… and ….. punches him in the face! ^^ Anyway, she, and the other fairy you picked and her auntie are given the job to watch Arty for a couple of weeks so he doesn’t spill the beans. But then… the human you picked gets kidnapped while they’re on patrol and Fern does too. So she devlops a bond with the human while Holly blames Arty for the kidnapping of her niece………. and you can take it from there! ^^

    Hope this helps! And that I’m not too late!

  4. I hope im not too late too i’ve been grounded
    Name:Kitsune Evergreen (kit for short)

    Species: Elf/fox?? (Her dna was spliced with a red foxes)

    Age: 13 yrs
Height: 3 ft
Hair: short, bright orange, long side bangs that are black tipped.
Eyes: light amber

    Powers: increased stamina & reflexes, heightened senses, she can turn into a fox; she also has more magic than normal. Knows several unarmed martial arts. 

    Personality: hyper, nice, friendly, cunning. 
Things she likes: pulling pranks on people, fighting (as in punching & kicking), & comic books
Hates: bullying, covering up her fox ears, & people who abuse power. 
Past: since she was a baby she grew up in a tank of growth stuff sleeping she finally woke up after 13 yrs, when section 8 found the lab, that had been abandoned a day before, (there were others but they’re not important to this story). She wants to find the guy who made the lab and make him pay.

  5. Name: Allison
    Species: Human
    Abilities: Timetravel, Invisibility, and Mind reading
    Hair: Blond with Blue, Pink, and Auburn highlights
    Eyes: blue gray
    Personality: Depressing and sarcastic
    Past: her sisters were kidnapped and she is obsessed with finding them

    Hope its not too late

  6. It’s not! I love all of these! For now, I think I’m going to stick with a few characters I already mentioned, but if a free space comes up, I’ll be glad to have them! Can’t have an army of characters following poor Arty everywhere can we?

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