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A/H… for real?


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Last Guardian… not spoilers, exactly. Previews!

So, I was trolling through AF sites when I found a video of Colfer explaining a bit about AF:TLG. Naturally,  I watched it a few times, hoping to find new (perhaps hidden) information each time. Sure enough:

So Artemis and his friend, Holly Short

Sound innocent? Yeah, I thought so too. Until I listened closer.

So Artemis and his g- *short pause* friend, Holly Short

I froze. Could it be? I listened again.

“So Artemis and his gi- *short pause friend, Holly Short

I flipped, naturally. Could Colfer have been saying “girlfriend?”

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  1. Intruiging. Not terribly provoking, but intruiging nonetheless.

  2. Hmmm…I have no words for this…Thank you ILoveFowl, I’ll do some research later.

  3. … it was so obvious, anyway ^^ Colfer totally set it up to be like this.

    I completely forgot that there was a seventh book in the making. Let’s admit it. He was taking forever. I used to be so obsessed with this series, and now? … Yeah. Just not feelin’ it.

    Most interesting ^^ I bet fangirls all over the world are flipping out with you ^^

  4. I watched the video, I didn’t here it. But I believe you, but we have to wait till summer…He did take to long WE, but I’m still feelin’ it. But I don’t blame you :D.

  5. paranoidcentaurfoaly January 13th, 2012 at 4:43 pm 5

    Is that ugly guy in the background supposed to be Artemis? He looks UGLY!!! What an insult!

  6. @paranoidcentaurfoaly: I KNOW! It’s Colfer’s son. He’s HIDEOUS, isn’t he? I was like, “eew!!!” You’ve gotta give him props, though. I would have been cracking up.

    @WE & Kristin N.V.: Yeah, he better get a move on. I NEED that book.

  7. Souns to me like he meant to do that. Could be wrong though.

  8. Countess Trancy January 18th, 2012 at 1:49 pm 8

    I don’t think he really did say “g-friend” but it’s possible I have a hearing deficient ^^
    Hopefully… hopefully…

  9. Just saying, thst video was not live. It was edited. I listened to it a bunch of times and Colfer did say ‘g-‘ *short pause* ‘friend’ but it was because he wanted to. If he didn’t, he would have eited it out.

  10. ProjectBerlin–Or maybe he wasn’t worried because he though we silly little peoples couldn’t POSSIBLY catch it. Thank Heaven for my obsession.

    A/H FOREVER!!!

    Upcoming V-day… better get a move on those romance fics!!!

  11. chocolatetruffles1 April 17th, 2012 at 10:04 am 11

    He’s his son? I never KNEW.
    Maybe, just maybe he set it up to be like tat, like a hint.
    It’s an interview, it is perfected. No mistakes are made and spread on the internet. It there is a mistake, they film it again.
    Therefore, he wanted to say that, giving that his statement
    “Artemis and his gi- his friend Captain…”
    is a hint that A/H is dominant.

  12. GoldenWolf2456 May 22nd, 2012 at 11:21 pm 12

    i watched and it was all i could do not scream and freak out i mean, i would have but it was like three in the morning and everyone in my house was asleep… colfers setting something up isnt he?

  13. the huntress (or tress) June 3rd, 2012 at 6:48 pm 13

    That was DEFINITLEY on purpose. Someone as rich as Colfer would not have a petty mistake in the interviiw. I think he was giving a hint to only the people who would notice it. I heard it the first time, but thought it was my wireless acting up. Then i came back, and yes, he definitely says g…friend.
    now, what every fangirl had wanted to do since the release of this vid:

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