A Colorful Announcement! (Please read)

Summary: You may want to read this!! Please! You don't even need to comment!

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Just letting y’all know I still exist!

Yeah, I’m sorry I haven’t updated D’arvit Daily in forever. I also have become hyper-critical… I appologise for that too. Um, also, the real reasons I made an announcement was:

1) The Box, the Wolf, and the Fowl is finished. It needs some love.

2) Still need people for ‘Piesof Me’. t temp you, you must know that it was designed to tourture poor Artemis in a non-fangirly way. Please join! I want a bit of a selection!

 3) I am SOOO sick of ‘A Complex Tale’ ANYONE can finish it, please let me know and it is YOURS! FREE FANFIC, PEOPLE! STOP UNWANTED FANFIC ABUSE AND TAKE IT! NO COST TO YOU!! Ahem.

Now, is that it?


4) Can I move the D’arvit Daily (again) to Artyfish? It actually takes awhile to update, and I can’t do small updates like I used to.

Okay, now I’m done! Go run along now! Ahem.

I swear, somebody shoot me now.

NOT REALLY I don’t want anyone actually killing me! (paranoid moment!)

Okay, yeah, I’ll shut up now.

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  1. Ohh! PRETTIFUL~

    Alright ^^ I would check out Box… but… *lazy*

    SORRY *tear* SO SORRY

    I might, though.

  2. Absent_Minded_Professor January 30th, 2012 at 12:09 am 2

    1) Commented on The Box, the Wolf, and the Fowl.
    2) Joined.
    3) I might want to take it, but I have one question: When did it take place? And did you have anything planned that I can go by? (Okay, fine, that’s two.)
    4) I haven’t read D’arvit Daily (yet), but I guess I’d be fine with it if it’d be updated more.

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