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One for Sorrow

Summary: Sorry. Listening to Counting Crows. They’re very depressing. E-cookies for anyone who catches a song refrence.   Three years now. People […]

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Sorry. Listening to Counting Crows. They’re very depressing. E-cookies for anyone who catches a song refrence.


Three years now.

People still come to me, and ask for the time. I tell them I don’t know; they will have to find somebody that does. But what I don’t tell them is that they never will. Nobody keeps track of time anymore. It’s rare enough that I still keep a calendar. I don’t know why I do. It only brings more pain.

 When that kid came… the guilt. It wasn’t long after the attack, maybe a month or two, and some cheeky little kid came up to me. He asked questions, lots of questions. With the memory so fresh in my mind, I lost my temper. I think he started the rumours, because they were everywhere the next day.

People still look at me funny. They will tell you I cook the misbehaving children for dinner; that I’ll set my giant rats on you if you make me mad. They say my mind isn’t well. And it probably isn’t, not anymore. But the rest of that’s not true, nor is anything else you may hear.

And that’s just what the People say. The humans say I keep tigers on a leash, and cook exotic birds for dinner. They say my spare time is deticated to blowing up Artemis’ grave.

Yes, Artemis has a grave.

The humans stand by and gawk at where the man who blew up the world was supposed to lie dead.

But he’s not there.

He’s not there. He’s hunting me.

Here’s what happened.

It began in the morning in Haven- no, not even. It began the week before.

We’d been out of touch for a while. I was delighted, no, less delighted and more relived when he called. I jabbered uncharacteristicly for an hour or so, with Artemis contributing little to nothing. Finally, I slowly caught on that he was troubled. When I asked him about it, he paused. When he finally spoke, I remembered every word.

“It’s the biggest yet, Holly. The biggest plan I have ever come up with. The biggest. Ever.”

“What is it?”



“I have to go now. My plans need attention.”

His last sentence had the edge of adventure, of personality that had been absent the last hour. Something was wrong, and when he hung up it lingered in the air. I breifly considered calling the authouroties, but I decided to wait this one out.

We bolth changed that night, without knowing it, for the worse. It almost hurt.

The next morning passed in a cold, clammy quiet before the storm. A horrible feeling passed over me, the feeling you get at the top of that rollercoster Artemis took me on, right before you go down. But I didn’t associate it with Artemis.

Four awkward days and nights went without incident. But on the fifth day, everyone awoke at exactly the same time. All over the world. And everyone screamed at the same time. Because their town was blown up.

Everything was aflame. I panicked and forgot my training for a moment. But when I caught myself, I realized something– I needed to get to the surface. Fast.

My memory is a blank up untill I get to Artemis’ place. In his room, to be precise. I remember him turn from his computers, and look me in the eye.

“Hello, Short.”

My world turned upside down. I understood. Artemis had done this. He’d placed bombs in every city in the world. And then he set them all off at the same time. The People are no exeption.

The last thing I remember from that day was his hair. Raven hair.

Now I live here. Alone in the rubble. I don’t belong here. I belong anywhere but in between life and myself. Where I am now.

People still respect me. I know more than anyone. If you tempt me, I will tell you my story. I’ll tell you that Artemis is still out there. I’ll tell you that he is planning his next attack, that you are never safe. I’ll tell you I’ll never stop untill I see him down on his knees, begging.

Untill then, I’m counting the crows feasting on decaying corpses. American crows- Corvus brachyrhynchos. Artemis taught me that.  I heard once that they were lucky. And it hurts, because they’re the same color as his hair.

Untill then, I’m drowning in my own sea…

Untill then, here’s one for my sorrow, for evermore.

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  1. Hermione Fowl March 29th, 2011 at 7:51 am 1

    That was awesome!!! But why did he do it? You need a bit of a back story, from Artemis’ P.O.V.
    The second-to-last line didn’t need a dot-dot-dot at the end, just a full stop. It was a really good ending, apart from that. I also liked the beginning.
    Not catching a song, sorry. 🙂

  2. *sniff* *sniff* WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I wanna cookie. But I didn’t get any references. 🙁

  3. Beckett Simpleton March 29th, 2011 at 7:00 pm 3

    Isn’t one for sorrow magpies? 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy 3 for a girl 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold and um… Something like 7 for a secret waiting to be told? Summit like that.

    Anyway, I read through to the end, but I didn’t get it. Arty blew up every city. Why? Seems a bit random. It’s kind of just well written spam at the moment (that’s a bit harsh actually, I wouldn’t go as far as spam)

    Yeah, needs a back story.

  4. *cookies for BS* 7 For secrets never to be told, actually.

    Backstory… hmmm… can do. Will do. Gimme a week or so.

  5. Beckett Simpleton March 29th, 2011 at 8:54 pm 5

    *attacks cookie* I love da cookie. 😀

    Yeah! Backstory! If I remember I shall read! If you put up an announcement, I will remember! (If I see it)


    Ah well. I’m sure I’ll see it. 🙂

    Never to be told? Hmm. Sounds a bit creepy. Waiting has a sence of, exitement? Never sounds…Forlorn…

    Whatev. I sang ring-a-roses for years until i learned it was about the black death/great plague. Nursery rhymes aren’t exactly happy.

    Rock a by baby? The baby falls out the tree.

    Humpty-Dumpty? He smashes his eggy head open.

    Jeez. What a world we’re growing up in 😉

    /Apparently/ according to the new ‘rasisim laws’ i think they’re called, bah bah black sheep will hence forth change to bah bah rainbow-coloured sheep since apparently, sheep have taken offence to the disrimination amoung their wooly selves. It has caused many fights over too-rich grass when tipsy sheep have ganged up on black sheep to take the micky.

    Okay, i’m making it up now, Wales isn’t in a Civil War, but the rainbow sheep thing is true.

    I mean, black peeps (and mixers, like meself) didn’t ASK for the law to be changed! The govornment are just messing with it because they think we care!

    (I don’t know if you get the same in America, but whatev. Britain’s crazy anyway)

  6. Yes, a backstory is needed. Maybe a third crazed alter ego? Who said that the Atlantis Complex only allowed two personalities…

    I really hope that an update is coming!

  7. Oh!! you looked in my mind!! i’m doing a third alter ego thing!! Ah, well, good fic..A 5!

  8. That’s really interesting! I like it! I thought it was in Artemis’s point of view at first, until I read some more. Really dramatic. I wouldn’t mind an update. 🙂

    The most confusing thing does seem to be why Artemis would do something like this. I’m guessing he’s insane.

    One more thing, there are some spelling/grammar issues. Like the word “authouroties.”

    Good, all in all!

  9. Hermione Fowl March 30th, 2011 at 3:48 am 9

    DO NOT DO THE ALTER EGO. That is boring. It’s much cooler when he’s trying to get revenge on Holly for not loving him, or has had a traumatic experience or something. Trust me. 🙂

  10. @ Hermione: I agree in full.

  11. Very nice. 😉 As previously stated, a bit of backstory would be helpful. But… I don’t think it’s necessary, after all. Maybe this story leaves you to fill in its mysterious chasams (sp?x) on your own. My subconscious mind placed Arty’s motives and backstory in there for me. 🙂 I dunno if that was intended, but It was a pretty fascinating effect. 😀 You’ve done a great job, Falcon. Keep writing!


  12. Backstoryz are cool. I really like this, the MYSTERY. *insert evil laugh* Beckett, you are hilarious. I love your comment.

  13. Murder of one, counting crows, kinda dumb song until the “1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for girls, 4 for boys, 5 for silver, 6 for gold, 7 for secrets, never to be told…” part. Can I haz cookie now?

  14. Sure. *gives cookie* But I told you, so your cookie must be half size. *steals cookie, breaks in half, gives back*

    There’s a billion others, too.

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