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Summary: Never underestimate Guilt.

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A/N: This is a VERY abstract fic. It just hit me out of the blue. Enjoy!


A one shot.


It weighs on one’s soul, and makes the Scales swing when the heart is placed on one side. To weight a heart against a feather- surely, that is unfair? Some will argue not, as the heart is supposed to be as light as a feather if its user did not sin.

Still, nothing carries as much weigh as guilt.

It penetrates your mind and whispers into your ears- malicious whispers, relentlessly brandishing the deadliest weapon unknown to mankind.

That weapon, is, of course, guilty, for it attacks the most vulnerable part of a person- the conscience.

Nothing is worth more than one’s conscience, yet nothing is worth less. It’s one of those things that don’t have a price- it’s value is deemed by its user.

Some people, who plot and scheme too much for their own good, try to squash it down. This is akin to destroying their humanity, because the conscience is, of course, the core of humanity. What is humanity? By my terms, it is compassion, it is empathy, it is the ability to judge good and evil. One day, their humanity will vanish with their conscience, turning them into unfeeling monsters. These monsters will howl to the moon, begging the celestial body to return to them what they have sacrificed.

Minerva shut her eyes.

Shut me out, my dearest friend. Just try. I’m the thing which you deem worthless. I’m the thing which sabotages everything. I’m your conscience, my dearest Minerva. I’m the truth, I’m the world, and-

“I am you.”

This isn’t the first. It may not be the last. The girl’s blonde hair lay sprawled over the pillow, glinting ever so slightly in the stream of moonlight from the window. Her forehead is beaded with sweat. One, two, three, four

You find my relentless drone maddening, painful, even. I know the answer to your question, why? I have repeated it so many times! The reason why you hate me, the reason why it hurts, is because-

“This is all true.”

What is happening? Father, Beau, the Chateau, school… Everything was a swirl of reality, something that she can no longer reach. She felt like she was reaching out to Andromeda- So vast, so far away, and so unattainable. Truth had erected an invisible wall, barring her from escaping this nightmare, from escaping all of this. All that was left was a small dark space, cordoned off from the rest of the world.

Minerva is trapped.

Truth whispers some more…

Feeling guilty?

Your heart weights more than the bricks that built your home. Much, much more. You are being punished for everything you did, for every aspiration, for everything your pride had caused you to ignore.

I’m getting my revenge, because this is the last time you will ever ignore your conscience.

This dark little fantasy had become more than a nightmare.

At first, the truth had only visited her in her dreams. It told of things impossible, of tolls that had to be paid, and of great opportunities that arose.

Minerva dwelt on these dreams. The promises of something beyond her ordinary life as a spoiled billionaire’s genius daughter.

Then… the dreams really began.

That’s right, my dear Minnie!

I enjoyed sneaking into your thoughts, infiltrating your mind, filling it to the brim with guilt, guilt, and more guilt. For a genius, you really are dim.

Don’t you realise that-

“… I’m trying to create a better you? Of course not. You’re poisoning my mind and corrupting my soul. I’ve never felt less like myself.”

Think, my dear favourite genius? Don’t you see that this IS yourself?

“I’ve got more dignity than that!”

Go away, go away. Minerva hoped that someone could do something about the evil seed that had taken root deep within.

Do you, Minerva? Well?

“That’s four words. Four words.” The dread that accompanied that statement was truly chilling. What was even worse was the relief she felt when she realised that she had just uttered five words.

Four is war. Five keeps me alive. My work is done. I’ve infected someone even more brilliant that you. Your friend Artemis. He put up quite the fight, but I got through in the end.

Your nightmare hasn’t ended. It had just started.

“You’re lying.” The sweat drenched the bedclothes.

I’m Truth. I rarely lie…

I lied, though, about my name. My true name, Minerva, is Guilt. Please remember that. Please refrain from calling me the Atlantis Complex, that horrendous name the People had created. I hate that name.

So? What do you guys think?

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3 responses to “Manifestation.” Join in!

  1. Good one, I love this, it is very… Dramatic… Great one shot Iris_Cam!

  2. paranoidcentaurfoaly January 25th, 2012 at 10:14 am 2

    It’s good except how does Minerva get atlantis complex? She hasn’t meddled with magic!Minerva also clearly states that she does not feel guilty! I know, I sound really irritating…
    All the same, it’s good.

  3. It’s true, if you think about it. The AC is guilt at it’s best… altough truth and guilt offten go hand-in-hand. There is nothing worse than being guilty, and knowing it is the truth. Ahem

    So, yeah, I liked it enough to think in poetry. Be happy.

    I_C: This is like one of those one shots where Artemis dies… or something. You know, no explanation truly given. Maybe I might continue to elaborate in another chapter… Maybe not. Not sure yet. If I can think of a good plot, then yes. If not, no.

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