Intentionally Oblivious

Summary: Written for the 5 Times Challenge: The five time Angeline Fowl pretended she did not see. COMPLETE

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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A/N: Please do not think that I am bashing Angeline, because that was not my intention at all. This is just how I’m explaining how Artemis turned into that evil mastermind in the first book, how she became insane, and how she just allowed her husband to conduct business on the wrong side of the law for so long. Besides, she’s human, she can only do what she thinks is right. If it offends you, then sorry, I didn’t mean it. Also, TTP spoilers!!!

P.S. I don’t own Artemis Fowl, though I dreamed I did once. *depressed sigh*

The Five Time Angeline Fowl pretended she did not see.

1. Business

Being the wife of a renowned businessman who sometimes dealt with matters on the other side of the law was an arduous task. Angeline Fowl had learned early on in their marriage which matters she had a say in and which she was to stay far away from.

She learned to play the part of a supportive yet able wife in public. She learned to never question when a company that had refused to deal with her husband suddenly went out of business or changed heads. She learned to be indifferent. She learned to keep her feelings hidden even when all she wanted was to shout, ‘No that’s wrong.’

She watched countless homes be destroyed so that the land could be cleared for more business. She watched families be torn apart by false evidence placed entirely for that purpose. She simply watched her family fall deeper and deeper into the seductive web spun by the prospect of more and more gold.

She saw her only son be slowly molded into the next Fowl; remote, with a heart that cared only for gold, not a mother’s love or a father’s presence. She saw her husband fall deeper and deeper, his dealings becoming more and more criminal. She saw gold come between her family and their happiness.

She witnessed all of it, silently. And pretended she did not see.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. *fcd* I can’t belive nobody else has commented yet. This story is really good, but there are a lot of mistakes, just things that could have been caught by proofreading. The chapter “Safe” doesn’t really have anything to do with the name of the chapter. It’s still really good, though. You definitely have a shot at winning. One more thing- you should probably put this in another category in addition to Challenge Entries, just so it won’t disappear after the contest is over. 5 stars.

  2. so… good!!!! sniff… 😥

  3. EvilOpal: Thank you! I really stink at proofreading my own stuff. No matter how many times I go over it, I always miss something becuase I just see what I want to saw, not what’s really there. I’ll try harder next time to find all the mistakes! As for the title, I couldn’t think of a better one, when I wrote it, but now I’m thinking Hero would have been good. Ah well, too late now, I already submitted it ^^; Anyway, thanks for the adivce and stars! I’ll go add another cateogory right now!

    Misaski: Thank you! And, why are you crying? Don’t cry!

  4. Cool! Really in character.

    Can’t really say much now, I’m snaeaking on the computer when I’m actually supposed to be studying.

    But, five stars.

  5. This is… so pretty.
    *steals fic*

    I love it.
    You capture Angeline beautifully.
    I’m sad that I hadn’t seen this before.

    You manage to show her as a mother, a normal mother in an abnormal family, and still write it elegantly.

    You didn’t even need to resort to the Insangeline as so many do (though there are a lot of good Insangelines).

    I like the ending, too.

    Lovelovelove. Why are there so few reviews? What’s with the low rating?

  6. I’m crying ’cause it’s just sooo awesome!!!!

  7. Midnight Detective January 2nd, 2009 at 10:23 am 7

    Depressing yet good. I loved it.

    P.S. Very touching. 😀

  8. Ya.. I cant beleive this is the first time I’ve read this! Really cool! you have a definate shot at winning!!! Good job!

  9. Wow, this made me want to cry… 10 stars! even though you can onlt put five.

  10. AcornNight May 9th, 2009 at 8:45 am 10

    Really good… awesome… *sob*

  11. hitsugayatoushiro May 31st, 2009 at 3:34 pm 11


  12. hitsugayatoushiro May 31st, 2009 at 3:37 pm 12


  13. @hitsugayatoushiro: No, the Fairy Thief is the painting that Arty steals in Opal Deception. Remember, at the end he returns it anonymously. The article that Angeline reads is the article that’s shown at the end of the book. ^^

    @everyone: Thank you! ^^

  14. I luv dis! 1,000,000,000,000,000 stars out of five! 😀

  15. I really,really like it. You explained her madness perfectly. 😉 5/5

  16. It. Is. Beautiful.

    Why is the last comment from over a year ago? Why are there only fifteen total? Why did this get only THIRD place? Why is this 4.77 stars? I don’t know. I just don’t know. But let me tell you,

    There should be over a hundred reviews. It should be on the Top Tens for best rated.

    Because IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Sure, a mistake or two, but that doesn’t matter to me. Great, great explanation, great point of view, great way of putting everything into perspective. Keep up the good work, Moonlite Knight, and I’ll have something to live for.

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